Quinns Beach

15 01 2009


Yesterday was the first time I had been out photographing since last year , feels good to get the cobwebs of the camera and get back out shoting after the Christmas break .

First decent bit of cloud we had had for a while so head up to North of Perth and meet up Neal and Jamie .

Conditions werent great and it was blowing a gale plus the clouds were quickly moving inland . Still managed to get a few single image shots with the little window of light we had .

Deffinatly need some new locations to photography find locations to shot in Perth is becoming hard and harder .

Hopefully will have a few more photography trips this year .




6 responses

16 01 2009

nice capture considering the conditions we had ….

16 01 2009

Nice image, I watched those clouds all day only for them to dissapate in the sunset hour when we needed them most!

17 01 2009

Nice shot Kirk. Good capture considering the conditions.
Like yourself I haven`t been out shooting in way too long.
All the best for the coming year.

17 01 2009

not bad, feel the horizon is too central. Water movement is pretty cool.

18 01 2009

Hi Kirk,

After looking at my photos I wondering if I was there on the same day as you. My stuff is quite flat compared to yours. So what I’m trying to say is great shot, it was obviously worth getting wet by the surf!

Jamie Paterson

19 01 2009

Great shot Kirk, always love the detail & colour in your images.

Added your link from my page too…

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