Perth Skyline

20 01 2009


Was going through some old shots of the Perth Skyline I had taken and found this shot I had’nt stitched together yet . Was taken about a bit under a year ago now , early one monring with Jamie , Was a 10 image stitch  .




14 responses

20 01 2009
Clint Baker

great shot mate, i wish i came across a “old shot” like this

20 01 2009
beau mitchell

Nice, mate. Looks like it was a killer sun rise!

Just a suggestion, but I would have liked to see a little more on the left and maybe a little less on the right.

20 01 2009

thanks clint
thanks beau – yeah would have been nice but unfortantly had no more image to the left .

20 01 2009

Very nice Kirk. I remember the same morning. I was down at Matilda Bay. Killer sunrise, but I am not satisfied with what I came away with.

20 01 2009

wow what a sunrise kirk. looks like you caught it at the most opportune time.

20 01 2009

Sweet, I think I saw this on your Red Bubble site??? Thanks for linking up as well.

20 01 2009
Flemming Bo Jensen

Bloody nice sunrise mate! 😀 I agree with wanting to pan a bit left but that light is so nice.

20 01 2009

Hi Kirk,

I remember this sunrise first time we met up I think. Awesome shot you’ve really brought the colours out. Just so everyone knows you can’t really go any further to the left because the Kings Park hill is in the way.

Jamie Paterson

21 01 2009

lovely pic 🙂

21 01 2009

Very schmick mate.

21 01 2009
Tony Middleton

Love the colour in this one Kirk ! But have to agree with some others as I feel a little ‘left out’ in the left of frame.

21 01 2009

Luke – thanks mate
Neal – yeah was a great sunrise as i renember Dylan was going to join us but decided to saty in bed that morning 🙂
Jamie – thanks mate , was a chilli morning from what i can renember but worth it
Ely – thank you
Thomas – thanks
Tony – thanks yeah would have been nice I guess gives me an escuse for a reshoot

22 01 2009
Stephen Williams

stunning shot Kirk!
just amazing colours, what a sunrise.

22 01 2009
dan proud

Hi Kirk this is the most wicked shot of Perth I have ever seen!! Just curious what tripod head are you using?

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