Cottesloe Vertical

21 01 2009


Headed out for a shot this afternoon with Neal seeing as there was nice cloud cover about .

We were originally going to go some where over the Swan River but at the last minute decided to head to Cottesloe . We should have sticked to the original location as there was some great colors over the swan river this afternoon , the sunset at Cottesloe was a bit of a let down as the clouds were in the wrong location . Still managed to get a few shots , this was a 4 image vertical stitch .

Hope these sunset are a just of taste of things to come , as Summer sunsets have been a bit of a fizzle so far this year .




12 responses

21 01 2009
Flemming Bo Jensen

Nice colours, I actually like the composition better with the bottom 1/3rd cropped off, try that 🙂

21 01 2009

Nice shot Kirk.. I had taken a similar shot myself years ago on velvia 50. My exposure was about 14 minutes. I got the same look as this.

21 01 2009

Hi Kirk,

I LOVE the colours in this. Especially the water, it really conveys a feeling of serenity. Well done!

Jamie Paterson

22 01 2009
Clint Baker

Mate this a great shot, i was coming home from volleyball watching the sunset, dont you just hate that.

22 01 2009

Wow mate, very clean and sharp. Great work.

22 01 2009
beau mitchell

Wow, that’s an intense blue. Nice shot Kirk.. makes me miss Perth just a little…

22 01 2009

Very nice Kirk, I thought about going out but after cooking t couldn`t b bothered, I definitely missed out.

22 01 2009
Stephen Williams

love that water colour

24 01 2009
beau mitchell

Hey mate,
just saw some of your photos on smash&peas.. nice! Do you submit your work there or did they find you?

24 01 2009
Dylan Fox

Reminds me of my cott shot! Well my favourite one anyway.
I think the horizon is too central, and its too long. I would go with Flemming on the crop!
Great colours!

24 01 2009

Flemming – Thanks yeah would have liked it to be a 3-1 ratio but really like the sand at the bottom as well .
Matt – thanks , this shot was not that long just a few seconds each frame from memory
Jamie – thanks mate
Clint – thanks
Beau – thanks Beau are you still over the gold coast ? Cant be complaing about that lol – thanks for the link as well
Michael – thanks , yeah was a good sunset just werent in the right location should have stayed at the river lol
Dylan – thanks mate yeah been wanting to try a vertical of cott for a while still havent quite nailed it like you with that black sand . Yeah would have been better 3-1 ratio will have to reshoot it one time

24 01 2009
Beau Mitchell

Yeah, i’m still over on the Gold Coast… hopefully out of here by May for some overseas adventures! 🙂

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