Mindarie Beach

24 01 2009


Last weekend head up to Mindarie Beach with Neal and Jamie seens as it was the first afternoon we had decent clouds this year . Was a bit rushed trying to find a good coomposition of Mindarie Beach at the time and the light was fading quickly so though I would just capture the a wide sweep of the beach and Sky . Would definatly like to shoot up that way again one time with some more time to sus out better composition .

Looks like this weekend is going to be no good for photography with clear blue sky predicted all weekend . I guess give people time to go through past images , I deffinatly got a back log of images i havent even looked at yet .




10 responses

24 01 2009
Beau Mitchell

Apart from the minor stitching errors and crooked horizon this is a nice pano. The colour and composition are quite strong and it looks like there is a nice amount of sharp detail…

24 01 2009
Flemming Bo Jensen

Bugger, Beau beat me to it! horizon is a wee bit crooked to say the least mate 🙂 Also a few stitch errors. Perhaps loose a bit of the right side of the pano, tighten the composition

But very nice location and pano, ahhh the serenity !!! 🙂

24 01 2009

Yeah nice I said this header was alright the other day! I used to go surfing out there as a wee lad.

24 01 2009
Tony Middleton

Apart from the stitching stuff, I think the light on the sand/dunes is really nice Kirk. As you mentioned it would be worth heading there again !

24 01 2009

Lovely pastel colours mate, you have captured it well. The horizontal light beaming in is great.

25 01 2009

Beau – thanks yeah a couple errors will go back and fix shortly
Flemming – thanks Yeah I wasnt happy with the composition will deffinatly have to try one time there again
Michael – thanks , I personally havent been up that way too much supprised at how much it has been developed
Tony – thanks
Thomas – thanks

26 01 2009

It`s been developed even further you can almost get to Yanchep now. There`s a couple of good spots in Yanchep and Two Rocks, but you have to be sure it`s going to be good before you head up there! The next week looks promising weather wise…

26 01 2009

Hi Kirk,

Nice shot. I agree with you, we need to hit the beach a few more times yet to get it 100% right.

Jamie Paterson

27 01 2009
Stephen Williams

looks like a pretty nice sunset there Kirk.
great shot!

27 01 2009

Nice kirk. i guess i was n the dunes at this time …. great sky and water. Would be nice if you could get out just another 10-20 feet, but no chance of that.

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