Redgate Sunset

28 01 2009


Just going through some old shots and found this one I took of Redgate Beach at Sunset .  Was taken last time I was in Dunsbrough with Jamie and Neil we had decided to head to Redgate to shot one afternoon . When we arrived it was really dark and overcast but decied to stick around for a while hopeing for a break in the clouds . About 10 mins later it started raining heavy , we ducked for shelter we we could find it and decied to wait it out a bit more . Just before the sunset we got a break in the rain and the clouds lifted a bit to give us a short time to shot some shots .




6 responses

28 01 2009
Flemming Bo Jensen

Eh mate, bit of a curved horizon you got there 😀 😀

Those clouds are absolutely amazing, one always can catch fantastic light if you get a big weather system coming or going. I like the style, has a nice painterly look to it. As for composition I would really like to pan right a bit. That bright sun spot is where the eye goes immediately and it would work better at about 1/3 spot than as it is now right on the edge of the photo.
Nice work!

28 01 2009
Rob Lewis

Redgate is a great place to photograph especially on the cloudy windy days.
I think I agree with Flemming Bo Jensen about the orientation because the hillside to the left can look good lit with the afternoon sun but nice image anyway.
I really like the pesrpective as I have generally shot from up near the car park so I must try it when I am down there in early Feb for a wedding :(.

29 01 2009
Clint Baker

I must agree with flem mate the rocks on the left seem a bit too dark to me, but the rocks on the right look very sharp.

29 01 2009
beau mitchell

Have to agree with everyone else about the framing of this one. More on the right would have been nice! As always your colours are really attractive. Some horizon control points in PTgui should be able to fix that curved horizon fairly easily.

Cheers, mate.

29 01 2009

yep I’m with Flemming!

29 01 2009

I don`t mind it Kirk, nice colour on the rocks, sky is a bit bland on left side but other than it`s alright.

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