Hillarys Boat Ramp

30 01 2009


Went up to Hillarys on afternoon this week with Neal hoping to get some shots of the boats in the pens . To our suprise when we arrived all the boats have now had fencing errected around them and we couldnt get close to them with out going for a swim . The light was quite good so we had a look around to see what other points of view we could get , have to say they have really wrecked the photographic oppurtinites with that big ugly extension they have done at the other end of the docks , you used to be able to get quite a nice shot of the harbour a few years back  . I got this quick 4 image stitch just before the light faded .




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30 01 2009

Nice capture Kirk. I must say you are correct Hillarys now is one big eye sore. With just one dominate feature the pub Breakwater. Do our planners not travel to see what can be achieved from other cities towns, looks like they do not.

30 01 2009

Awesome capture Kirk.
Great water, I love the jetty and the low angle profile.

Gret work.


30 01 2009
Clint Baker

Great shot mate, really like the jetty, not a huge fan of the pub but im sure the its a good pub

30 01 2009

I`m with you there Kirk, I used to reguarly go to Hillary`s for a shoot, but have not been there since I did a car shoot back in July! Nice shot though + have a good weekend

30 01 2009

Neil – thanks mate yeah I know down theres a bit of an eye sore now you think they would have planned and developed it better

30 01 2009

Thomas – thanks tom yea just shot a quick few images off before we packed up wasnt to sure if it would work or not but pretty pleased with the results
Clint – thanks yeah bit of an eye sore but from what i saw inside looked better
Michael – thanks , yeah I think im going to have to scratch Hillarys off the list know with all the ugly building they have erected and have fenced off the boat pens now , shame

31 01 2009

Nice work! I like how the water is silky but the boats are sharp.

31 01 2009
Clint Baker

hey mate u keen for a shoot 2nite??

2 02 2009

Nicely composed Kirk.
Like you said, the new breakwater does stick out like a sore thumb.
I have taken a few different shots down there since it has been built but am yet to really capture what I was after.

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