Matilda Bay Boats

1 02 2009


Went down to Matilda Bay one afternoon during the week , wanted to get some shots of the floating jetty down there but was full of kids ever where so tried some shot boats around place . The largest focal length lens I had with me was only 50mm so had to walk into the river up to my knees to get the boats to fill the frame enough . This was an 8 image stitch taken just before the sun had gone down .




3 responses

1 02 2009

Give it ago this week – kids will be back at school. How does a B&W conversion look?

2 02 2009

Mate, thats my neck of the woods. The kids can provide a good focal point for the image, rather than the boats.

3 02 2009
Dylan Fox

I was just drivin around here on Sunday but it was packed so I didnt even get out of the car!
I still dont really wanna shoot till I can get my hands bakc on the mkII!

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