Castle Rock Bay

19 02 2009


Just been going through some old photographs trying out new editing technequies etc . Found this shot from over a year ago at Castle Rock Bay in Dunsbrough , was taken on my old 400D wasnt to happy with the original edit i did over a year ago so though i would give it another shot .

Also just packed my bag up ready to head over to Sydney tomorrow 🙂 .

Really looking foward to photographing some thing different while im over there and giving my new 5DMKII a real test . The weather conditions look good for photographing so hopefully will come back with a few images .




10 responses

19 02 2009
Clint Baker

looks good mate, shame u wont be a CF’s on satday night… hope u get some great shots mate

19 02 2009

Great shot, fantastic colors. Looking forward to your images from Sydney. Have fun testing out your new gear.

19 02 2009
Flemming Bo Jensen

Lovely mood, say hi to Sydney for me! Looking forward to see your Sydney cityscapes.

20 02 2009
Beau Mitchell

Edit looks great Kirk. Good luck in Sydney, looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

20 02 2009

Have fun in Sydney Kirk. Great photo.

20 02 2009

I like this view Kirk, stay away from the Cross!!!

21 02 2009
Rod Thomas

If u get out of Sydney and up towards Newcastle….. send me a message at and we can try and catch up if u want…


21 02 2009

ice POV on the area Kirk … Have a blast in NSW looking forward to seeing all our pics when you get back.

23 02 2009

I think its outstanding. I really like the crop and the pastel colors of the photo.

28 02 2009

Clint – thanks
Tripgallerys – thank you will do 🙂
Flemming thanks
Beau – thanks
Jamie – thank you
Christian – thanks Christian Dont think ill be going to kings cross got the wife travelling with me lol
Rod – thanks will have to try next time im over that way
Neal – thanks
Myphotoscout – thanks

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