Back from Sydney any one watch Channel 9 News ?

26 02 2009


Well I’m back from Syndey had a nice little break over there even if it was only for a few days .

I have to say the NSW has some really impressive coast line to photograph probally some of the best in Australia .  The only down side to the trip was the weather 😦  , it was really werid weather will I was over there and light wasnt great as well . At sunrise it just went from dark to light gray no color , Still went out each day photographing even with a sprained ankle which I did walking down one of the step coast steps to the beach . 

Found some really great locations over there would like to revist under better light conditions . Hopefully will look at another trip towards the end of the year .

Also any watch channel 9 news this week ?




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26 02 2009
Rod Thomas

Nice shot Kirk… shame about the weather. If it makes you feel better, it has not got much better since you left. If you ever get back over here, and want to get out of Sydney and up to Newcastle area, give us a buzz… Ill show ya around…..


26 02 2009

Even with your sprained ankle I hope you got lots of shots. 🙂

27 02 2009
merv french

What’s with the 9 news……is that your image in the backdrop.

27 02 2009

Welcome back Mr Media … Merv’s on the ball.

27 02 2009

Another great image Kirk. Pity about the weather it has been pretty ordinary this side of Aus for the last couple of weeks but you are right there is some great coast line to photograph. I like the rugged look of this one, where was it taken?

27 02 2009
Stephen Williams

nice atmospheric shot Kirk.

27 02 2009

Very impressive shot Kirk, great work.

27 02 2009
Brent Pearson

Hey Kirk

Sorry to hear that you came over our way and didn’t give me a buzz. As a local who has shot the heck out of Sydney, I could have have loved to have met you and taken you to some of my fav places.

next time

Brent (bat)

27 02 2009

Nice one Kirk.
I have seen channel 9 throughout the week and I have to admit I saw the image in the backdrop and straight up thought…. I swear that`s one of Kirk`s shots. Very nice mate.

28 02 2009
Bree McMillan

Hi Kirk, really like this shot, subtle colours look great.

28 02 2009

Rob – thanks will have to try mabye next time
Jamie – thanks mate got a few shot but light kinda sucked not like here in Perth at the moment been back 2 days and the light has been great
Merv – thanks yep one of my shots but got a blue grad through the sky
Neil – 🙂
Michael – thanks yeah the light was pretty shoking over there shame 😦
Stephen – thanks
Thomas – thank you
Brent – Sorry didnt shot a message Brent posted on one of your photoguides that i was heading over will let you know next time , Thanks as well for your photoguides they came in handy even when the taxi driver took me to the wrong beach lol
Luke – thanks Luke yep my shot of Perth city
Bree – thank you

1 03 2009
Sean Stak

very nice as always…

1 03 2009
Clint Baker

mate i saw channel nine news tonight…… bloody great job mate!!!
may i ask how your came to be the backdrop??

1 03 2009
Dylan Fox

Nice shot mate!
I havent been watching channel nine but i will now! I would love to have my images up on TV!

1 03 2009

Did you jump from the 400d to the 5d? Or did you have a camera inbetween? I have the 1000d and am looking to buy the 50d. Is it worth it or should I just wait until I can afford the 5d mark II?

Really nice shots you have here, love the panoramics. I’ve just started stitching myself. Yours look amazing, are you just stitching them with photoshop?

2 03 2009

Still do good work with poor conditions, yeah I thought Channel 9 had changed their image, I just thought is was another one of Ben`s (Ben Tessler). Congratulations mate

2 03 2009
Sean Stak

whats this about channel 9? great shot with Good inspiration… im gonna go try something like this.

3 03 2009

Stakky – thanks
Clint – thanks they contacted me a few months back wanting to meet me and it went from there .
Dylan – thanks yeah names in the credits of the news on sundays
Michael – thanks , yeah they showed me some of bens work at channel 9

20 03 2009
Emil Avasilichioaiei

Awesome blog. Amazing lanscapes.
I comment on this photo but it’s hard to decide on one.
I should say nice at every post.
Keep it coming. I’m gonna bookmark this one !


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