Thunder Storm

3 03 2009


Well I been back in Perth now for almost a week and got to say the light has been great here compaired to my week over in Sydney . Bit of a disapiotment about the light over in NSW , but I’v made up for it the last few days in Perth 🙂 got a lot of photos to go through .

One thing I have all ways wanted to photography but had not had the chance so far is lighting . I finally got my chance there other day standing in a paddock and watching the thunderstorm role in snapped of a few single long expsorues on the mark II at a mid range ISO  . I lost my wirless remote while shoting this day so I was having to to bulb exposures holding the shutter open on the camera . Got a few shot with lighting streaks in them it was a bit far away in the distance but will have to do for now until the next thunderstorm .  This shot probally had the best lighting streaks in it out of the lot .




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3 03 2009
Dylan Fox

Where abouts is this….?
I have to say i am not a fan of the colours in this shot. Some of the foreground is too white and the sky has to much magenta…
The lightning is cool though and is certainly something I have wanted to shoot for years but havent had a chance!

3 03 2009
Jamie Paterson

Those lightning strikes were awesome weren’t they? Humidity sucked though.

Jamie Paterson

3 03 2009

Whoa, I’m still in shock from the sky. The sky is so bright, you don’t notice the lightening. I’d tone down the colours and get the focus on the lightening and the tree. Congratulations, its not a stitch either. 🙂

We’ve been getting great cloud lately.

We’ll have to try and shoot again sometime this year.

3 03 2009

Dylan – thanks wasnt going to spend a lot of time editing this shot was shot at fairly high iso and was just a fun shot not going to be doing any thing with it just wanted to capture some lighing
Jamie – thanks yeah was great
James – yeah shot it at a high iso yeah no stich just a fun shot been saving all my good shots for later . yeah the lights been great

3 03 2009
dan proud

thats an insane shot kirk, well done!

3 03 2009

thanks dan ,
Just a qiuck fun shot pretty much how it came out of the camera with just level and curves adjustments . Was just expermenting with the high iso capabilities of the camera and trying to get some lighing in the shot

4 03 2009
Dylan Fox

Hey Kirk I did see your image on channel 9!
How did you manage that?

5 03 2009

I think the colours and composition are spot on Kirk, a big yep from me! I like the hi key feel it has.

7 03 2009
Jimmy McDonald

Beautiful colors in the sky!! Love the entire photo. Great scene!

10 03 2009

Very groovy mate, I like it a lot.

12 03 2009
Sean Stak

very nice!

12 03 2009

The clouds look wonderful, but how on earth did you expose long enough for them to blur without bulb exposure?

19 03 2009

hi kirk!
my name is riccardo… i am one of the manager of the old fire station backpackers in freo.
is near the fire station
i finally get my 5d!!!
WOULD BE AN HONOUR going to have a photo session with you
i love your pictures!

ciao riccardo

31 03 2009

Dylan – thanks mate they found the image on the web
Christian thanks was just mucking around with long exposures
Jimmy McDonald – thanks
thomasparkes – thanks
Sean Stak – thanks
myphotoscout – thanks yeah was a buld exposure but had to hold the shutter down
Riccardo – thanks mate congrats on the new purchase you love it . Should be planning another group outing some time soon will put a post up when we next orginised it

2 04 2009

Resizing photos is difficult. Especially when you’re handling hi-res stuff like your image here. However, yours isn’t one of those. It’s just flawless.

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