March too busy for Photography :(

22 03 2009

Sorry been a bit quite on the photography and internet side this month , been flat out at work and weekends have been busy with engament partys , bucks nights and weddings havent had any spare time to myself this month . The only time I managed to get my camera out was at the wedding to take a few potraite shots of the grooms men getting ready and of us in the H2 hummer .

I did go and edit some photos tonight though as was’nt to hung over from the wedding 🙂 Been saving a lot of my good images for the launch of my website so sorry  . Did find this image of the Perth Skyline I took near the start of the Feb when I was testing out my 5D Mkii . Got to say Perth and Sydney skylines would have to be my favourite sklines to photograph in Australia . Was a 8 image stitch .


 Also to answer a few question from other post the image that is currently on Channel nine news is this image of Perth Sunrise I took a while back now


They have droped a blue gradient through the sky to fit in with the news desk theme , but still a huge amount of exposure and publicity .



They stumbled accross my image on the internet and then track me down from there . Had a meeting with them at the start of the year and got a tour of channel 9 ,  and sorted out an agreement and when I got back from Sydney a few weeks ago say my image up on the TV already .

Will have some more new images soon 🙂 As no more wedding engament party’s etc 🙂




21 responses

22 03 2009

nice pics 🙂

22 03 2009
Flemming Bo Jensen

Well done ion the Channel 9 sale !! Too bad they murdered your awesome sky 😀 Still, fantastic exposure, just a shame there’s no Kirk Hille logo onscreen, did you try and sneak that in ? 😀

Perth skyline is brilliant, I am a bit weird though and prefer it without the bridge. I also reckon Brisbane skyline is brilliant for cityscapes.

22 03 2009
Ilya Genkin

Wow! It’s great to be in the news (in good news)! Well done!
The second image is absolutely fantastic! Amazing sky!

22 03 2009

Well done with the channel 9 image!

23 03 2009

Awesome achievement, congrats! Very well deserved as it’s such a beautiful shot 🙂

23 03 2009
Beau Mitchell

Well done, Kirk! I don’t watch much TV so never saw your pic on the news.. That’s awesome exposure and gives you some bragging rights :p

23 03 2009
Stephen Williams

awesome work Kirk!
i’ve seen it a few times and it looks fantastic.
you’ve probably watched the news more in the last few weeks then you ever have before! 😛

23 03 2009

Good stuff kirk


23 03 2009
Mark Griffin

Well done with getting that in with CH9 – hope they paid you well!


23 03 2009

Great work Kirk.
What a buzz to see that on the news.

Well Done.

24 03 2009

Good stuff Mr Media, I like the first one a little more, wonder why channel 9 never went after that one?

24 03 2009
Tony Middleton

Congratulations on the news ‘gig’ Kirk ! It’s a fantastic image that is for sure !

26 03 2009
Michael Brown

Mate, our anchors are old bats over here, I’d tune in for the weather. Nice work as usual.

27 03 2009
Sean Stak

Hol Sh** that perth shot is incredible. is it a HDR?

28 03 2009

congrats on the Ch9 gig, thats awesome!
It is a wicked perth shot…

31 03 2009

Narendra – thank you
Flemming Bo Jensen – thanks yea shame about the sky still great exposure nar couldnt sneak the logo on but name is in the credits every week
Ilya Genkin – thank you
Martin – thanks mate
wisie – thank you
Beau Mitchell – thanks mate
Stephen Williams – thanks Stephen
James – thanks
Mark – thank you
thomasparkes – cheers mate
Neal – thanks not sure why liked the composition
Tony – thanks mate
Michael – thanks yeah got a tour of the studio when i meet them for a meeting got to meet the news cast 🙂
Sean – thanks mate nar not HDR dont really do any hdr work any more just a single exposure
Dan – thanks mate

2 04 2009

oh wow that’s awesome Kirk!
though I much prefer your sky, but hey who would complain about your shot being seen by thousands in the news every day 😀

though only your friends/family would know it’s your shot hehe

12 04 2009

I was wondering who took that photo just last week when I saw it on a billboard. Well done!

13 04 2009

Thanks Jason , havent seen the billboard yet will try and check it out next week

13 04 2009

Thanks Dan , yeah shame about the sky but cant complain about the exposure

24 04 2012

Hi Kirk,

Can I please use your photo on one of my university assignments? I’m not an art / design major and it would be solely for decorative purposes on a business plan i’m formulating.

Reference will be given of course, but if you would prefer me not to use your image then I won’t, please let me know 🙂

Kind regards,

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