April Slow Start To Photography

14 04 2009


Well April is half way through the month already and been a pretty slow month for photos again . There’s been some great light as well around the last few weeks but just cant get excited about any location close to Perth .
I guess it means some more trips in the near future , good thing I sold my car and just waiting on delivery of my new car . It more piratical for what i need now and will be better down them gravel strips .

Other news one of my images has been used for the new cover of the Skywest 2009 holiday broacher . Just pick up a copy of the Boucher the other day and the image turned out alright considering it was one of the first images i took back with my old 400D and shot in jpg as well .

I have also been cleaning up my hard drives and sorting file and deleting unwanted images . Found this 8 image stitch of Redgate Beach in Western Australia , Really love this beach for photography it gets some huge splashes from incoming waves .




8 responses

15 04 2009

oh wow, this one is beautiful. love the composition, lighting and the crashing of the wave is a must! clearly I need to get out because Melbourne is getting boring to shoot

15 04 2009

Hi there,
Can i get a one small pic from your blog?

Thank you

15 04 2009
Stephen Williams

very nice Kirk!
stunning water colour. the wave is awesome!

15 04 2009

the beauty in this is how the sky is almost in-distinguishable from the ocean
what do you use to stitch your panoramas(?)

16 04 2009

Can i get a one small pic from your blog?

17 04 2009

Totally stoked to be on your blogroll, thanks very much!! x

19 04 2009

Katie – thank you yeah think the wave made this shot , your welcoem for the add as well
Stephne – thanks mate
Chloe – thank you i use either Ptgui or Photoshop CS3 for all my stitching I find if photoshop cant stitch it properlly then I will do it in Ptgui

19 04 2009
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