Stirling Ranges

20 05 2009


The Stirling Ranges was our first stop during my trip of the South West .

Have to say I was excited about photographing this location due to the amazing photographs I have seen of it and photographing some thing different for my portfolio besides seascape and the idea of not having sea spray and sand end up all over my gear would be a nice change . When I got there I found out that the sea spray and beach sand was replaced by red dust which got every where and made changing lens really difficult and the corrigation over the roads which was a real nightmare to drive on or be a passenger in .

Still I would have to say the Stirling ranges would be up there on one of my favourite places to photograph in WA , there are so many different angles and locations to photograph it from . Bluff Knoll was defiantly the highlight of the Stirling ranges this thing was massive (For WA standards of Mountains lol ) , Did find some other nice spot along the ranges as well that I’m defiantly keen to rephotograph when there is better light .

This was an 8 images stitch taken at sunrise on day of Bluff Knoll , have got a lot more images of these ranges but this was the first image I have had a chance to stitch together .




22 responses

20 05 2009

Really very nice Kirk. The grass trees is a nice lead in as well as the road. Looking forward to getting back there under better conditions as well.

20 05 2009

Thanks Neil , Yeah would love to photograph this place with better light and some nice cloud cover still made the most of it while I was there and deffinatly found some nice angles to reshoot it

20 05 2009
Beau Mitchell

Sweet photo, Kirk. One of my favourites of yours 🙂 The light doesn’t look too bad to me.

20 05 2009

that’s great, love the grass tree!

20 05 2009
Stephen Williams

nice Kirk.
love that hint of sunrise to the left!

20 05 2009
Kirk Hille

Beau – thanks yeah really liked photographing the ranges some thing different from seascapes

20 05 2009
Kirk Hille

Dan – thanks
Stephen – thanks deffinatly going to head back down to the ranges a few more times this year

20 05 2009

Great shot Kirk , although I must say I’m not fond of the road but it’s still a bloody good shot..well done.

20 05 2009
Kirk Hille

thanks Merv ,
Wasnt sure about the road but some people liked , might try cloning it out of another shot

20 05 2009

Very classy and dramatic Kirk, I really like it and I love the composition.

20 05 2009
Kirk Hille

Thanks Thomas , yeah really like the stirling ranges going to have to pay them a few more visits this year

21 05 2009
William Ophuis

Nice shot Kirk The black boy adds a sense of Australia to it 🙂 very scenic place!!! cant wait too head back there again 🙂

21 05 2009
Peter Hodgson

This is one of the best I’ve seen of Bluff Knoll, Composition is spot on.
I don’t think the road should go at all, I think it adds to the overall image.

24 05 2009

very nice Kirk, I think there is a bit of a halo around the mountain which is a little distracting, only a little! other than that I agree with Peter, one of the best.

24 05 2009

Beautiful shot Kirk, absolutely love it. Love the tree in the foreground.

25 05 2009

This looks like something out of a mystery island film, what a beautiful shot.

25 05 2009
Clint Baker

very nice shot mate… keep those shots coming!!

25 05 2009
Kirk Hille

William – thanks yeah looking foward to heading back out there again

25 05 2009
Kirk Hille

Peter – thanks
Christian – thanks yeah the Halo is from the filters
Michael – thanks
Katie – thanks
Clint – thanks mate hows your holiday going

28 05 2009
Flemming Bo Jensen

A beauty Kirk ! Halo around the mountains look a bit heavy, but other than that it is a stunner.

29 05 2009
Kirk Hille

thanks Flemming , yeah the halo was from the filters

31 05 2009
Sean Stak

wow that is one awesome shot.

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