Cape Le Grand National Park

10 06 2009


Cape Le Grand National Park in the South West of Western Australia would have to be a photographers dream . It has some amazing beachs and coves scatered around the place and also some really interesting rock formations including French mans Peak . Unfortantly while I was down there the light and clouds werent playing nice and didnt get a chance to photograph French Man Peack as I was intending to . This was the only piont of view shot i got of French Man Peack from the top of one of the Coves in the National Park at Sunrise , I guess there all ways next time 🙂

Was a 12 image stitch with the 5 D mark II the detail and size were amazing .




15 responses

11 06 2009

the colours in this are beautiful.

12 06 2009

Thanks Katie

11 06 2009

Very nice capture Kirk. You have pretty much pulled as much colour out of the sky as one could very cool. The water colour and fog coming in around Frenchmans is really nice. Is it me or does it look like it is slightly tilting to the right? Definitely worth another trip.

12 06 2009

Thanks Neal ,
Yeah looked that way to me as well but the water horizon seemed level and was taken at 70mm ?? so shouldnt be any distortion ?

13 06 2009

Your more than likely right Kirk, the larger I look at the image the less tilt there seems to be.

11 06 2009

Cool shot Kirk, beautiful colours and an amazing landscape. Love it.

12 06 2009

Thanks Michael

11 06 2009

Nice one Kirk, I agree with Neal , looks like it’s not quite level.

12 06 2009

thanks Neal

12 06 2009
William Ophuis

Yes I like this! Nice work Kirk 🙂

12 06 2009

Thanks William

22 06 2009

the soft hues in this photograph is so calming
wicked photo! (:

24 06 2009

Thanks Chloe

15 11 2009

is this near bremmer bay? nice shot

19 11 2009

Thanks nar near esperance

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