26 06 2009

I recently got back from a long weekend trip up to Geraldton in WA to see family last weekend . While I was up there took the opportunity to take some photos up there . From what I heard the weather in Perth was shocking that weekend for photography , 500km away from Perth it was fairly nice and made for some great light for photos .

Stayed with my Grand parents at there place on the new Geraldton Marina , It had been a while since I was last up there and the whole front of Geraldton is in the process of some much need redevelopment .

Got a few shots while I was up their the shot below is of Geraldtons new Marinia and Museam .


While I was down there I also took the opportunity to take some photographs of the HMAS Sydney War Memorial . For those of you that don’t know about it HMAS Sydney was lost with all hands battle ,  off the Geraldton coast in November 1945 .


The centre of the memorial is a dome, 12 metres across, raised on pillars 3 metres tall. It is seafaring tradition that the souls of lost sailors are embodied in seagulls. The dome consists of 645 stylized stainless steel seagulls, representing the 645 souls lost .


A wall of remembrance names of those lost loosely envelops the dome. Close by is a soaring stele of the bow of HMAS Sydney.

Most evocative of all is the bronze woman in 1940s dress,  gazing to the distant horizon .




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26 06 2009

Really like the 3rd one Kirk … Would like to make a trip up there with you one day, maybe go a little further to the gorge

26 06 2009

thanks Neil , yeah like the clouds on the third shot as well haventhad a chance to look at any other shots yet . Yeah would have like to have gone a bit further north but didnt have time , next time i guess

26 06 2009
Clint Baker

mate i agree with neal… that third one is amazing!!! well done!!

28 06 2009

thanks Clint Yeah like how the third one turned out , though the sunset was over and was just about to pack up and then it put on a real show

26 06 2009

Great colours Kirk.

In the second one, looks like a great sunset happening there with rain falling into the red sunset , would of made a good shot by itself.

28 06 2009

Thanks Merv , yeah was some nice colors there would have like to travelled a bit out of geraldton and got some shots of farms and at kalbarri but didnt have the time

28 06 2009

love the bottom one! Nice colour.

28 06 2009

Thanks Christian yeah the bottom ones my favourite out of the shots so far

28 06 2009

Love that bottom one Kirk, it is an awesome composition.

28 06 2009

Thanks Thomas

3 07 2009

this dome makes for a really interesting subject! i like it a lot and i think you’ve captured the colours of the sky really well here. 🙂

7 07 2009

thanks Katie

20 07 2009

there’s nothing more frustrating than computer troubles; only four weeks ago i had the same problem 😦

the sky in these series of photographs are superb, nice work 🙂

27 06 2010
Peter Mills

Awesome photography. You have great eye & have captured the moments brilliantly

12 04 2011
Gwendolen Pinto

Hi Kirk,

I loved the images you have of HMAS Memorial. I was wondering if I could use a image, it has to be a certain size( so cropped and b/w for b/w printing) in a magazine article for IA ( interpreting Australia) which focuses on museums in WA. I’m more than happy to credit you for it.

Let me know on the email listed below


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