Stirling Ranges

11 09 2009

white-boarderSorry been a bit quite on the blog post for a few weeks .

Havent been out photographing much the last few weeks as been too busy plus the weather here in Perth hasnt been great , but did find some time to go through some old images from the South West this afternoon . Found this 12 image stitch of the Stirling Ranges taken early this year . Hoping to head back down that way soon as really enjoyed photographing this location .




11 responses

11 09 2009

Really nice Kirk

Not wrong about the weather, simply shithouse out there …. Although did find a 10 mtr waterfall this week ….

11 09 2009
Flemming Bo Jensen

Very nice Kirk, I do like those Stirling Ranges very much, must try and get down there myself.

12 09 2009

love the pic, looks great!

13 09 2009
Luke Austin

Nice one Kirk, hope the weather/conditions improve for you lads back home.

14 09 2009

nevermind; it was worth the wait

hope the weather improves!

14 09 2009

Nice shot as usual Kirk, nice and sharp as well.

A different angle to Neal’s but from much the same place, good to see things from all perspectives.

16 09 2009

Really cool shot Kirk, looks a bit like the Grampians where I am from. A car tearing down the road kicking up the dust could be a cool addition also giving it a “Top Gear” filter would look rad as well.

17 09 2009

Great Pano, what software did you use to stitch it? the images have been combined really smoothly.

17 09 2009
Andrew Brown

Beautiful image Kirk, great work

23 09 2009
William Ophuis

Nice Classic Landscape Kirk, I remember watching sunrise there such a nice place to be!

25 09 2009

awesome shots kirk doin well mate

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