Back From Sydney

25 09 2009

white-boarderWell just got back from Sydney early this morning , had a pretty engoyable time there and the weather was a lot nicer then Perth most the time it even reached 30 degress on day . I also found out that Tamarama bay is a lot further away from Coogee then I though after walking after sunset it with all my camera gear lol . I did finally make it to Coogee but and got a much need drink and feed .

I was all so over there durring the big dust storm , woke up early to the sound of sirens going and looked out the window of my appartment and the whole sky was bright orange . though there must have been a big fire close by at first , also nice to see the people getting use out all them face mask they would have bough for the swine flu that morning 🙂

This is one shot I took while I was over there really like the angle on this composition , would like to shot this one again under better light . This was a six image shot taken shortly after the lights turned on .




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25 09 2009

Nice shot and composition Kirk. Hope you were able to shoot the dust storm. Glad you got better light you haven’t had much luck on your visits here.

3 10 2009

Thanks Matt ,
Nar was at a work conference that morning but did see it looked pretty impressive

26 09 2009

Very nice Kirk … I like the composition but i am a little bias as I have a series of images a littler further to the left of this one. I think the evening shot is better than the morning shot perspective. Welcome back ….

3 10 2009

Thanks Neal ,
Yeah this was an evening shot only was pretty overcast . would like to try it again on a clearer day

26 09 2009

I like this shot and have never photographed Sydney yet so offer no bias 🙂 nice composition and I also agree, like the evening shot 🙂

3 10 2009

Thanks Katie

27 09 2009

I like the different composition Kirk.
Great exposure with the lamps and opera house, nicely lit.


3 10 2009

Thanks Thomas

28 09 2009
Luke Austin

Although you say you don’t like the light in this image Kirk, I like it. The cool blues really make the opera house and lights stand out

3 10 2009

Thanks Luke

28 09 2009
Peter Hodgson

I must say I have to agree with Lukes comments on this one Kirk, and yeah the composition is really good. a slight distraction in the top right hand corner ?

3 10 2009

Thanks Peter yea top of a palm tree have cloned it out on the original now thanks

30 09 2009

Nice shot Kirk, I am heading up to Sydney in a few weeks so this gives me some inspiration for some shooting while I am there. Nicely exposed for the ambient and artificail light as well and love the fence leading you in to the image.

3 10 2009

Thanks Michael ,
Yeah love Sydney there so much to photograph over that side and the foods pretty good over there as well

1 10 2009
craig chiswell

Great work Kirk, I haven’t seen an images from this perspective and obviously must have missed Neal’s shot then, so i really like. Love the blues.

3 10 2009

Thanks Craig

5 10 2009

Really nice Kirk. Brilliant work.

7 10 2009

Thanks David

19 10 2009
Andrew Brown

Really good balance Kirk, great image

4 11 2009

Thanks Andrew

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