Cape Le Grande National Park

4 11 2009

Hi all ,

Sorry been a bit quite for the last few weeks have been flat out at work , have barley had any time to surf the net let alone get any new shots .

Hopefully by the end of this month things at work should turn to a bit more normal hours , and be able to get some more trips in . Have recently bough a few extra camping things for when i go away taking photos and should make life a bit more comfortable while Im away .

Did have some free time today before work to go through some more images this was an 8 image stitch of one of the Bays at Cape Le Grande National Park just outside Epserance .

The Beach’s here are meant to be have the whitest sand and bluest water of any beach , from my experience of beach this would have to be true .






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4 11 2009
Luke Austin

Plenty of punch as always. Nice one Kirk

4 11 2009

Thanks Luke

4 11 2009

Looks beautiful Kirk, nice colours and great contrast. How did you get the stitch of the wave so neat? I always have problems with beach shots! Cheers.

4 11 2009

Thanks Michael ,
they dont allways work out but some rules i use is to take the first image with the side of the pano closest to the camera and work back from there (So took this series of shots from the rock side first) And try to take them as quick as possible and generally take a few series of shots incase some dont work

4 11 2009

those rocks really bring the photo together, nice colours, looks like a beautiful day

4 11 2009

Thanks Katie , yeah was a great day there warm enough to go swimming even though it was winter 🙂

4 11 2009
Tony Middleton

Top fresh looking image Kirk – it certainly is a magic little area down that way isn’t it !


19 11 2009

Thanks Tony

5 11 2009
Rob Westendorp

Dear Kirk Hille,

I would love to use your ‘Matilda Bay Boathouse’ image for a bookcover… in fact I already took the liberty to propose a draft to my client and they really like it! Could you please get in touch to discuss details?


19 11 2009

Thanks Rob ,will send you an email shortly

15 11 2009

yeah howd you stitch so flawlessly?? thats great!

19 11 2009

Thanks Stakky

21 01 2010
Andrew Brown

Great work Kirk, Cape Le Grande is aptly named.

22 02 2010

Hi Kirk,
Stumbled across you blog through Mark Stothards.
really enjoy your panos 🙂

2 03 2010

Thanks Matt

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