Sydney Again and Pizza Night

7 11 2009

Went down to the Pizza night Mark from the True North so kindly held . Was good to put some faces to names from the Blog community and have a few drinks have to say they did a great job on the pizzas as well went back for seconds  . Thanks to Mark and Christian for organizing the night .

Christian and Mark also made an announcement that they would be organizing a photo tutorial day over at Rottnest Island on the true North ship , if any one else is intrested you can find the details here on Marks blog

Found some time to go through some more RAW files today , found this 9 image stitch taken recently of Sydney . This shot was taken the evening before the big dust storm hit Sydney .






16 responses

7 11 2009

Another pearler Kirk , but I think Flemming will ping ya !!

Good to catch up last night , probably see you again soon , Rotto trip maybe .

19 11 2009

Thanks Merv

7 11 2009

love it, amazing how the weather seems so clear, must be the calm before the storm.

19 11 2009

Thanks Katie

9 11 2009

just love that view of Sydney, thanks for coming on Friday night Kirk

19 11 2009

Thanks Christian , Thank you for putting the night together

9 11 2009

Nice work. Would have liked the sky and water cropped a little more though but that is my opinion. That green building really sticks out, my eyes were immediately drawn to that building.

19 11 2009

Thanks Khen ,
nice to meet you the other night as well

10 11 2009

Nice image Kirk and nice to meet you on Friday night. It was a success all round I reckon.


True North Mark

19 11 2009

Thanks Mark ,
thanks again for putting on the night

11 11 2009

Good to put faces to names at the pizza night. I’ve been looking at your stuff for a while – don’t know why but I thought you were in your 50’s (must have been the maturity of your work :-)). Will have to follow your knols.

19 11 2009

Thanks Muzz , good to meet you as well

12 11 2009

Cool shot of Sydney Kirk … My favorite view of the city

19 11 2009

Thanks Neil , yeah love the Sydney harbour

21 02 2010

Beautiful, beautiful work!

2 03 2010

Thank you

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