Kings Park

19 11 2009

Went up to Kings Park last week as it looked like it would be a nice sunset , and didn’t have enough time to drive any where else .

It was nice to get out and take some more photos again , haven’t been out shooting for a while and found it really relaxing waiting for light over looking the city .

There was some nice light but most the color was over the ocean way and being in Kings Park I was facing the wrong way .

Still took some shots while I was up there .

The first one is another shot of the Perth Skyline , Was a 10 image stitch came out a bit bigger then the normal 3:1 ratio , was not too sure where to crop it .

The second shot I took was one of the War Memorial like the symmetrical look to the image . would be nice if the left side did’nt have that big tree so close however .

Hopefully have some new images coming in the next couple of weeks .. 🙂




10 responses

20 11 2009

Nice ones, I like the second, Now should I be picky or not?

1. The city looks like its sliding off to the left.

2. There’s a ghostly outline to the monument and theres a tiny set of white pixels at the top to the left of the monument.

Just small things though.

20 11 2009

Good stuff. Have to agree with you, the memorial is better presented than the Perth view. The dark clouds are very well defined and it sure sets the mood.

21 11 2009
Dylan Fox

Good to see your shootin again mate! 🙂
I agree with james, the city is slightly titled left and i also feel it needs to be cropped. The sunlit clouds are blown out unfortunatly…. not sure how they are in the master file though….
I really like the mood of that second image! 🙂

23 11 2009
Graham Leggate

I like both images, but there is something about the city one… looks a little lob sided. The second image looks great with those fantastic clouds.

24 11 2009

Nice post, great looking website, added it to my favs.

1 12 2009

dito above, the colour in the top one is a little too strong but geez that is nice colour, never been able to get a hue like that. On that front you get a big tick.

5 12 2009

Nice work Kirk…did that rhyme!! 🙂

6 12 2009

Really like the sombre mood of the second pic…great for the subject matter.

1 01 2010

great images kirk!

20 01 2010

really like the one of the memorial, think this is one of the best shots I’ve seen of it.

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