Fremantle Warf

6 01 2010

Happy New year to every one , hope every one had a good Christmas break , I was working through it myself , but I did finally find a little bit of free time to go through some old images of mine .

This image of the Fremantle Warf was taken some time last year in 2009 , seem weird now writting 2010 will take me a few months to get used to it . Was a 7 image stitch taken on the 5DMKII .

Hopefully the weather improves a bit in Perth here for photos , its been clear blue skys for ages now , havent been able to go out any days recently and when theres been good weather been stuck at work lol .

My trip to the States is fast approaching , really looking foward to this and chance to take some photos of the amazing landscapes over there .




3 responses

6 01 2010

Those clouds look great, nice work Kirk!

The weather has been a pain, barely a cloud in the sky. And let’s not even discuss the nasty heat!

8 01 2010

nice shot kirk, don’t let them be so far between this year? 🙂

21 01 2010

Awesome photo Kirk, wicked glow in the clouds!

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