Rottnest Island Australia Day

31 01 2010

The Basin

On Australia day headed down to North Fremantle boat lifters to catch the True North (Cruise ship ) to Rottnest Island with 100 other photographers .

The day involved various guest speakers , some lunch and drinks and a , little bit of time to go to shore and take some photos , The light wasnt the best over on Rotto but still took a couple of snaps any way . The top image was an 7 image stitch of the Basin and the bottom image was an 8 image stitch of Long Reach Bay (May be able to spot Clint in the bottom image if you look hard lol ) After we finished photographing head back to the boat for some more food and speech’s . All in all was a very nice way to spend Australia Day and good to put some faces to names  .

After that we headed back to the boat to head back to main land . Thanks to Christian for organizing  the day and thanks to Mark Stothard for the use of his very nice boat .

Long Reach Bay




7 responses

31 01 2010
Beau Mitchell

The colours are pretty sweet and the framing is pretty good. If I were to do anything, i’d crop a bit of the sky out and have a little bit more foreground. Looks like you chopped a bit of the beach out in both photos.

31 01 2010

Thanks Beau ,
Yeah were only quick panos as only had 2 hours on Rotto durring the harsh sun .
Would like to head back to rotto some time soon to get some more shot probally spend a couple of days there with my bike and camera gear

31 01 2010

nice pano’s kirk. i like rottnest island, i remember feeding some sort of funny animal when i was there last.

31 01 2010

p.s just noticed your header image – amazing

31 01 2010

Thanks Katie , Yeah they would of been Quokkas kinda like little kanagroos . I took the header image last time i was in Sydney I think it was the night before the big dust storm that hit the city

22 02 2010

was a fun day mate, cheers

2 03 2010

Thanks Christian , yeah was a fun day

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