Stirling Ranges Sunrise

1 02 2010

Stirling Ranges Sunrise

Went through some more old images the other night again  , and found another set of images to stitch together .

This is a set of 14 images of the Stirling Ranges (Another one of my favorite photography locations in WA) . The unsized image was huge came out at over 90 inch wide at 300 DPI , thanks in part to the 20 plus mega pixels in each photo 🙂 .  Really like the vast openness of this image so left it uncropped , and like the warm morning sun hitting the ranges in the background .

Got to head back to this location this year hopefully the light and weather will have better conditions and get some more shots of these mountain ranges (I know they dont compare much to the vista mountain ranges in USA and Europe but like the serenity and rugged beauty  of this place)




12 responses

1 02 2010

Looks great Kirk!

1 02 2010

Thanks Levi

1 02 2010

Really nice Kirk … Love the tone of the sky …

1 02 2010

Thanks Neal , Really liked the tones in this image as well , will have to get back down there again soon

2 02 2010

Beaut scene and composition.
Well done.

2 02 2010

Thanks Thomas

3 02 2010
William Ophuis

great Bush scene Kirk!

5 02 2010

Thanks William

4 02 2010
dslr stranger

Hi friend, I really like your landscape shoots.
Please let me link to your site.

5 02 2010

Hi ,
thanks for the comment and stopping by

6 02 2010
Andrew Fuller

This is great. I just love the tones and composition!

7 02 2010

Thanks Andrew

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