Sugarloaf Rock

11 02 2010

Sugarloaf Rock , Western Australia

One of the most photographed seascapes in Western Australia, is Sugarloaf Rock which is located in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.

This impressive rock formation dominates the coastline near Cape Naturaliste , and not hard to see why its one of my favorite locations to photograph while I’m down South .

This was a 13 image stitch a little wider then the normal 3:1 ratio but will crop it down later ,

Still chasing that perfect photo of this location




9 responses

11 02 2010
Dave Catley

I know what you mean Kirk, everyone has a picture of this rock but getting a great one can be hard.

I like the clouds in this one Kirk and the colours are nice and soft. I’m not sure the white/grey rock on the right helps though, it kind of draws the eye away from the subject.

11 02 2010

Thanks Dave ,
The location is all ways busy with photographers
Yeah Haven’t cropped it down to a 3:1 ratio yet so will probably crop the left off .

11 02 2010

I love those sunbeam looking clouds, what a beautiful photo

11 02 2010

Thank you Katie

12 02 2010
Andrew Brown

Great Shot mate

12 02 2010

Thank you Andrew

14 02 2010

Like the sharpness and colors of the rocks … i wish we had had better skies, mine is similar. I guess if it was that easy we would all have the prefect shot … I can not count the number of locations I have continually visited over the last few years looking for the keeper …

14 02 2010

Thanks Neal ,
Not having much luck with light down there fingers crossed for next time

11 03 2010

Nice one Kirk…I know what you mean about sugarloaf…it is one of those places that is very easy to stuff up!

I have been there a few times and only recently captured one that I think is worthy, but I have an idea for next time I get down there as well!

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