Bound for America

1 05 2010

I will be leaving my home city of Perth for 6 weeks bound for America .

Really looking foward to the trip its been a long time planing and saving , probably why I have been pretty quite on the net the last few months been working a lot of overtime to pay for it .

Cant wait to see some of the stunning landscape Amercia has to show inculding Yosemite , Lake Taho , Napa Valley and Hawaii .

Will be keeping my Face Book Fan page up to date with my travels

looking  forward to getting a heap of photographs will I’m over there , bough two extra portable hard drives hopefully should have enough space for all the photos I take .




9 responses

2 05 2010

wow, stunning image kirk. have a blast on your trip!

2 05 2010

Have fun Kirk!

2 05 2010
Luke Austin

All the best for the trip Kirk. I am sure you will come away with some pearlers and be absolutely blown away by the scenery.

3 05 2010

have fun, ill keep my eye on your facebook 🙂

12 06 2010

Thanks Matt ,
Back now ,
Now its time to start going through the images

4 05 2010
Sandy @ Shots

Hope the extra hard drives hold terrabytes cos I reckon you’ll need them 🙂
Have a fabulous time…make sure you post a few on the road.

12 06 2010

Thanks Sandy ,
got around 350 gigs of RAW images to go through

11 05 2010

Have a great trip Kirk.

12 06 2010


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