Miami City

21 06 2010

Miami City was the 3rd stop during my trip to the US . One even took a cab to one of the islands off the freeway to get some photographs of the Miami city skyline .

I did some research before going and most of the reviews I read advised this spot was safe even though it didn’t look like it . There was a bunch of homeless people camped out under the bridge , some crazy guy yelling at himself , some young hooligans parked in there car drinking and random cars pulling up and leaving all the time .

It was starting to get dark and I didn’t think there was going to be any color and though about packing up early as I was a bit worried about standing out there by myself with all that expensive camera gear in the dark . In the end deiced to wait another 15 mins glad  did as got a very colorful sunset and got home safely .




6 responses

21 06 2010
True North Mark

Cool shot Kirk….and the lengths we go to get these shots sometimes eh…riskin’ life and limb..livin’ on the edge dude!

25 06 2010

Thanks Mark ,

21 06 2010
Flemming Bo Jensen

Great cityscape Kirk, I like the colours and the great cloud you caught there and good going sticking it out in slightly dodgy conditions. It does get scarier while traveling, that feeling of being exposed in a strange plance.

There appears to be a few stitching thingys in the water that might need a bit of work.

25 06 2010

Thanks Flemming

25 06 2010
Luke Austin

Very cool image Kirk. Good to hear you got away safely

25 06 2010

Thanks mate

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