El Captain

26 06 2010
El Capitan is a Granite Monolith , Located in Yosemite National park in California . Its a favorite location for rock climbers and photographers .
Photographs dont really convey the massive size of this rock until you see it for your self . I spent almost a week in the Yosemite national park while I was over in the united states and loved it, even  . Its a photographers paradise , There were a few locations I really wanted to go to while I was over there but couldn’t unfortanlty as the roads were still blocked due to such a cold start to summer and they were still under inches of snow . Would love to go back some time and photograph the valley while it is all covered in snow .
While I was over there Also visted the Ansel Adams gallery  , which is what inspired me to try this in B&W .
This was a three image vertical stitch taken with the Canon 5 D MKII , Canon 70-200MM F2.8 , I had originally pictured this image in color with a bright blue sky but had a quick muck around with it in black and white in PS , Will try and re edit again next week when I pick up Nik Silver Efex Pro software .



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26 06 2010
Flemming Bo Jensen

I was in awe of Yosemite as well, I really loved the place despite all the tourists and too many cars, nowhere to park etc. I want to see the place in February or March with snow though and some storms, I think that’s when it really shines, for me Yosemite is all about drama, huge granite walls, snow, storms. Yosemite is so special and so was the Ansel gallery.

You were there just after me, and how bloody annoying was it that Glacier Point was still closed, arrgh! Well, next time!

Perhaps because we have memorized all of Ansel’s masterpieces, there’s just something about Yosemite that lends itself to black and white. I keep processing mine in black and white as well. It’s the drama of Yosemite that is enhanced in black and white.

I nearly crashed my car looking up when I entered the valley, how can these walls and El Capitan be so huuuuuuge. Mindblowing. It is impossible to show an image that fully demonstrates the massive El Capitan. This is a good one though, I love the cloud above it perfectly playing along with the composition. I think that the black and white could be more dramatic, get really dark blacks in the sky for instance.

26 06 2010
True North Mark

Nice work Kirk…I think the strong contract Niks will work a treat!

1 07 2010
True North Mark

That’s contrast Kirk…and this image deserves more than 2 comments as well!

1 07 2010

great shot mate! I am over in the states at the moment… but my real photography over here will start next week…

2 07 2010

Lovely. You will love the Silver Efex, I use it pretty much for all my B&Ws, while it can be easy to overuse the “film types”, I find they pretty much approximate the old b&w films in terms of grain, rendering, contrast etc. Gives images that lovely timeless b&w feel you used to get with emulsion.
I also like the vertical stitch. I’m seeing a lot of these, I must give them a go. Adrian

4 07 2010
Tony Middleton

I like this version better than the colour one Kirk ! Maybe it’s also just something about Yosemite and Ansel’s work of them… Nice journey through them image showing the grandness of the massive rockface.

14 07 2010

Brilliant shot here mate. Like Flemming said – I was in awe of Yosemite too. Such a brilliant place and even better to photograph. Unfortunately I was on a boys road trip rather than a photography trip so I came away with nothing, but it’s definitely on the “must go back” list!

23 07 2010
Miles Wolstenholme

Excellent composition Kirk, I love the processing too.

2 12 2010
True North Mark

Nicely done once again there Kirk…this area is on my ‘to do’ list for sure!

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