Cottesloe Beach

23 09 2010

A Old image I took of Cottesloe Beach , was a 8 image stitch taken with the Canon 5D MKII , 24 -70mm F2.8 Lens and Lee Soft grad .9 filter .

If any one has heard the news you wont be able to take photos like this any more or will be facing a fine , and other activities like flying a kite , kids digging holes and using an umbrella have also been banned by the council can see the news clip here

website :



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23 09 2010
Ilya Genkin

OMG! Another one! Waverley Council with Bondai/Cooge/Bronte and now Cottesloe. What’s next?

But technically selling prints is not a commercial photography. As Andrew Nemeth wrote on his website: “In a photographic context, “commercial use” does not mean the sale a picture, but rather the use of a person’s likeness to endorse some product or service, or to entice others to buy it. Example: A photographer displays photos on their website and offers prints for sale. Non-Commercial – they are merely selling individual photographs, not using the people in them to endorse any product or service.”

Unfortunately bureaucrat don’t understand that.

23 09 2010
Mark Griffin

What a joke – more councils going crazy….. Maybe we should get a big gathering like the Sydney rally on the beach at Cott and all set up our tripods in protest!

23 09 2010
True North Mark

Nice soothing type image there Kirke!

23 09 2010

really great shot mate! the new rules are absolute bullshit!!

23 09 2010

Cracker shot Kirk, beaut colours.

This move would be great for tourism, NOT.
Bureaucracy gone mad, simple solution, abolish Local Government.

26 09 2010
sázkové kanceláře

Super shot.Exellent colours.Love this kind of pictures

28 09 2010

Stunning photograph, the colours are gorgeous. As for the rules … I agree with Thomas Parkes, Bureaucracy gone mad!

14 10 2010

That is absolutely ridiculous – Bureaucracy gone mad! what is the benefit to the local government of banning photographs like this? Sheer stupidity.

The image itself is magnificent!!! well done mate

14 10 2010

“Under Cottesloe’s proposals taking commercial photographs without a permit, obstructing steps and pathways, and wasting water by leaving taps running, would also be prohibited. Fines would range from $100 to $500”

… well what exactly defines a “commercial photograph”??

5 12 2010
greg urbano

being a foreigner, why then ban on photography, you would think that great photos like yours would motivate people to come visit?

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