Three Brothers

24 04 2011

Three Brothers
The Three Brothers is a rock formation, in Yosemite Valley, California, USA. It is located just east of El Capitan . Really liked the colour reflection in the long exposure of the water .

Was taken with Canon 5D MKII 24-70mm f2.8 USM L Lens and Lee Filters . Was a 3 image vertical stitch .

Focal Length : 38m
ISO : 50
F : 20
S : 1/4 , 1.0s and 1.6s




10 responses

27 04 2011

Stunning shot Kirk.

27 04 2011

Gorgeous shot Jamie, love all the orange tones.

27 04 2011

woops sorry Kirk don’t know what happened with that second post it wasn’t ment to be here.

9 05 2011

Breathtaking picture!

14 06 2011

Wow, fantastic picture, the trees against the cliff and the water in front, the picture is truly amazing.

22 06 2011

Amazing picture, where was this shot taken?

23 06 2011

Taken in Yosemite National park in the US .

11 07 2011
denmark pictures

Wow, this picture is fabulous, Yosemite National Park looks stunning from this view.

25 07 2011
Berlin Photography

Having recently taken up photography I have been sifting through various sites looking for hints and tips on the best camera to use etc. The shot above is amazing and I was wondering whether you could advise the type of camera and lense which was used in this instance? My aim is to be as good as you photography wise in order to re-sell my shots and hopefully make a few Euro’s in the process

5 08 2011

I came across your site by accident actually, but felt that I had to comment on the picture above, as it is the kind of thing that I use when advertising my photography products online. Stunning.

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