Perth Skyline 2012

18 06 2012


Any one who lives in Perth or has travelled to Perth recently would have noticed that the Perth city has under gone some major changes to the city . From the Perth Arena on Wellington street , Perth city Link area on Horseshoe bridge , the dozens of new apartment building scattered across the city , The waterfront (not yet started) , The riverside development on the entry to the city and probably the most noticeable the new Brookfield Place Tower Building (Which is the first major Skyscraper to be built in Perth for 20 years)

With Western Australia’s (excluding the rest of Australia) economy reported to still be growing double Chinas its not surprise that the city has had some major upgrades . Wether your in favour of the new changes or designs it will certainly bring a lot of new photographic opportunities around Perth CBD and Skyline .

With reports of Perth city continuing its evolution as a residential hub and predictions of still 1400 new apartments in the CBD in the next few years , Perth residents will defiantly see some major changes .






2 responses

22 06 2012

Beautiful skyscapes Kirk, Perth is really very colourful. Would love to know the exif for the top shot?

25 06 2012
Street Photographers

Very nice photo of Perth City. I’ve been to Perth about three years ago and I so love the place. Hoping I can revisit this wonderful city again.

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