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Guide : Perth Skyline

Perth , WA , Australia

  A photographers guide to shooting Perth CBD Skyline located in Western Australia . This guide is made available from the knowledge of landscape photographer Kirk Hille


For great city skylines to photograph here in Australia there would have to be two that really stand out from the rest they would be Sydney and right here in WA Perth. Perth been such a pollution free city compared to other larger city’s around the world makes the Skyline appealing city to Photograph .

 Below is an Image I took at the start of the year of the city skyline from Kings Park at Sunrise.

Special Photographic Features or Notes:

With the Perth CBD located right on the swan river it provides many locations for great photographic options.

Some more popullar spots to photograph the Perth Skyline are shown on the map below.

Kings Park :

Kings Park is located to the West of the CBD and overlooks the CBD, Swan River, Darling Ranges and Kwy fwy. With such a high elevation it you can really capture a wide view of the city and Swan River. Kings Park can be accessed by car, public transport or it can also be walked to from the CBD for fit people. I have found the best time of the day to shot from this location is either just prior to the sun rising or in the afternoon and at sunset with the sun behind you. Been such a popular location it does get busy in the holiday times especially in the afternoon.

South Perth Fore Shore :


Above is an image taken from the South Perth foreshore of the Perth Skyline on a stormy afternoon.

Along the South Perth Fore shore there are many locations to shoot the Perth Skyline from. There are a few jetties also located right along the fore shore which make for interesting foreground placements with the Perth Skyline in the background. I have noted some of these jetties on the map above.


Above is an image of the South Perth decoy and Ferry Jetty located just off Coode Street in South Perth.

The old steam paddle boat called South Perth Decoy is moored there most days and leaves for night cruises generally on the weekends. The best time of the day to shot from south Perth Fore shore would be just prior to the sun rising or at Sunset. It is also a good location for night time shots of the city as you’ll get a lot of great colorful reflections on the river from the CBD. There are numerous parking location located all along the south Perth fore shore however please note that some require ticket parking.

KWY Freeway bridge:


Another good spot for shots of the Perth skyline is just next to the KWY Freeway bridge. This bridge can be used as a great way to draw the viewer into the images. This location is good to shoot at sunrise or sunset but it is really good to shoot when its dark as the lights along the side of the bridge are turned on and you can come away with some nice long exposures of the city at night. You can get to this location by following mill point road along to the west from South Perth, there is a car park located just under the freeway bridge.

Below are two examples of shots from this area. Below is an example of long exposure at dusk from this location.

Best times of the day:

As most photographers know the best light is at sunrise or sunset you can get a list of sunrise and sunset times for Perth at this link

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