26 06 2009

I recently got back from a long weekend trip up to Geraldton in WA to see family last weekend . While I was up there took the opportunity to take some photos up there . From what I heard the weather in Perth was shocking that weekend for photography , 500km away from Perth it was fairly nice and made for some great light for photos .

Stayed with my Grand parents at there place on the new Geraldton Marina , It had been a while since I was last up there and the whole front of Geraldton is in the process of some much need redevelopment .

Got a few shots while I was up their the shot below is of Geraldtons new Marinia and Museam .


While I was down there I also took the opportunity to take some photographs of the HMAS Sydney War Memorial . For those of you that don’t know about it HMAS Sydney was lost with all hands battle ,  off the Geraldton coast in November 1945 .


The centre of the memorial is a dome, 12 metres across, raised on pillars 3 metres tall. It is seafaring tradition that the souls of lost sailors are embodied in seagulls. The dome consists of 645 stylized stainless steel seagulls, representing the 645 souls lost .


A wall of remembrance names of those lost loosely envelops the dome. Close by is a soaring stele of the bow of HMAS Sydney.

Most evocative of all is the bronze woman in 1940s dress,  gazing to the distant horizon .


Waiting for the Wet Season

6 04 2009


After cleaning up some of my hard drives tonight, I’m really looking forward to the wet season this year. With the on come of the rain it does open up a lot of new photography opportunities around Perth plus can change the way a lot of the places look.

  There’s defiantly a few places close to Perth on my list to photograph again once we have had some decent down fall. Wasn’t quite happy with some of the images as they were taken when I first started out and have learnt a lot since then. One thing to remember it gets dark quickly in the winter months and to to remember to bring a good flash light so we can find our way back to the vehicles.

Not much other new news took some photos of my car yesterday for sales purposes first time tried photography like this and was quite pleased the results. I found it was time to sell my baby need a more practical car that can go down gravel roads without rattling the car to pieces and can carry all my photography gear. Been looking at the new Subaru Forrester XS premium, should have a decision made on the car by the end of the week 🙂 .

Have been saving a lot of my good images up also as will finalise plans for my website shortly and want to have a lot of new images for the launch. Will let everyone know a release date closer to time.

Milky Way

20 10 2008


Well every one else beat me to uploading there shots first o well . I guess they hadnet been working since 4am this morning and after the busy weekend shoting i need to catch up on some sleep 🙂 .

Heres one of my takes on the little night experiment photograph sesion Christian , Neal , Jamie had the other night at Contos . Was a great night watching the stars and having a few beverages plus rattling off a few shots in between . Was the first time I have tried any star trails but was quite impressed by my first go and the results of the 400d even at high ISO gave some half decent images . As Christian said when the 5D Mark II comes out i dont think an ISO of 800 will be considered high and would pull out some ripper night shots .

Still got a lot of shots from that night havent gone through yet let alone the weekend .