Yosemite Tunnel View

20 03 2012

Yosemite Tunnel View

Taken with the Canon5D MKII and 24-70mm F2.8 L USM Lens , L Filters

F/L : 24MM

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18 04 2011

Karijini National Park WA is one of the largest national parks and arguably one of the most spectacular in the State.
Haunting in its rugged, red beauty and unbeatable for adventure, the park is famous for its sheer gorges, waterfalls and cool swimming holes . Located 1400 km North of the States capital city Perth it is an isolated haven to photograph the unspoilt nature .

Was taken with Canon 5D MKII 24-70mm f2.8 USM L Lens and Lee Filters . Was a 10 image stitch .

Bluff Knoll

7 07 2009


Sorry been a bit quite on the blogs for the last few weeks been pretty sick with the cold and busy at work .

Plus I have also had computer troubles ,  motherboard has gone on my current PC , Guess its time for a new machine then one then and have just the one in mind , should be able to stitch and processes images in no time (intel 3.86 GHZ cpu , NVIDIA 1792MB GeForce graphics card , 12 gigs of DDR3 ram to name a few parts 🙂 ) .

Did manage to stitch and edit a shot tonight though on my laptop though . This shot was taken durring my visit to the Stirling Ranges this year . Was an 8 image stitch of Bluff Knoll at Sunrise . Really like the way the sunrise lights the mountain ranges hopefully head back out to the ranges to get some more photos soon .

April Slow Start To Photography

14 04 2009


Well April is half way through the month already and been a pretty slow month for photos again . There’s been some great light as well around the last few weeks but just cant get excited about any location close to Perth .
I guess it means some more trips in the near future , good thing I sold my car and just waiting on delivery of my new car . It more piratical for what i need now and will be better down them gravel strips .

Other news one of my images has been used for the new cover of the Skywest 2009 holiday broacher . Just pick up a copy of the Boucher the other day and the image turned out alright considering it was one of the first images i took back with my old 400D and shot in jpg as well .

I have also been cleaning up my hard drives and sorting file and deleting unwanted images . Found this 8 image stitch of Redgate Beach in Western Australia , Really love this beach for photography it gets some huge splashes from incoming waves .

March too busy for Photography :(

22 03 2009

Sorry been a bit quite on the photography and internet side this month , been flat out at work and weekends have been busy with engament partys , bucks nights and weddings havent had any spare time to myself this month . The only time I managed to get my camera out was at the wedding to take a few potraite shots of the grooms men getting ready and of us in the H2 hummer .

I did go and edit some photos tonight though as was’nt to hung over from the wedding 🙂 Been saving a lot of my good images for the launch of my website so sorry  . Did find this image of the Perth Skyline I took near the start of the Feb when I was testing out my 5D Mkii . Got to say Perth and Sydney skylines would have to be my favourite sklines to photograph in Australia . Was a 8 image stitch .


 Also to answer a few question from other post the image that is currently on Channel nine news is this image of Perth Sunrise I took a while back now


They have droped a blue gradient through the sky to fit in with the news desk theme , but still a huge amount of exposure and publicity .



They stumbled accross my image on the internet and then track me down from there . Had a meeting with them at the start of the year and got a tour of channel 9 ,  and sorted out an agreement and when I got back from Sydney a few weeks ago say my image up on the TV already .

Will have some more new images soon 🙂 As no more wedding engament party’s etc 🙂

Castle Rock Bay

19 02 2009


Just been going through some old photographs trying out new editing technequies etc . Found this shot from over a year ago at Castle Rock Bay in Dunsbrough , was taken on my old 400D wasnt to happy with the original edit i did over a year ago so though i would give it another shot .

Also just packed my bag up ready to head over to Sydney tomorrow 🙂 .

Really looking foward to photographing some thing different while im over there and giving my new 5DMKII a real test . The weather conditions look good for photographing so hopefully will come back with a few images .

More Sand Dunes

8 02 2009


Just sitting here going through some more images from yesterday afternoon and finished processing these two .