Back From Sydney

25 09 2009

white-boarderWell just got back from Sydney early this morning , had a pretty engoyable time there and the weather was a lot nicer then Perth most the time it even reached 30 degress on day . I also found out that Tamarama bay is a lot further away from Coogee then I though after walking after sunset it with all my camera gear lol . I did finally make it to Coogee but and got a much need drink and feed .

I was all so over there durring the big dust storm , woke up early to the sound of sirens going and looked out the window of my appartment and the whole sky was bright orange . though there must have been a big fire close by at first , also nice to see the people getting use out all them face mask they would have bough for the swine flu that morning ūüôā

This is one shot I took while I was over there really like the angle on this composition , would like to shot this one again under better light . This was a six image shot taken shortly after the lights turned on .


St Kilda Pier

20 08 2009

Went to go out for a shoot this morning but this rain wont just stop lol .

Woke up had a look out side and didn’t look to bad outside so got dress packed up my gear and head out to check a local spot off my list . While driving I though we could be in for a nice sunrise and there was still lots of gaps in the clouds and not to much heavy clouds . got to my location and started setting up took a couple of test shots while waiting for sunrise and then the next thing you know the sky is gone completely dark grey its starts raining came out of nowhere and wasn’t going to let up . So packed up and head home with no shots this ¬†is morning . Hoepfully will get a break in the weather soon .

Finished off editing a couple of shoots from Melbourne this morning though .

Went down to the old Pier in St Kilda was hoping for a colorfull sunset that eveing but got a grey cold windy one instead lol .

Did two versions of this image a color shot and a hi key black and white .  Cant really decide which I prefer .




16 08 2009


Just got back from Melbourne this week , went there for a short trip to visit some friends , some shopping , watch the egales play and the food . I also toke my camera along as well as was hoping to get some photography in while the wife was shopping . Unfortunately the weather and light was wasn’t great while we were over there but still went out most mornings and afternoons to see what I could get . Didn’t come away with many photos so the photography part was a bit of a let down however the food we had while we over there made up for it . I think while we were over there we ate out every night and most breakfast the food and customer service was great over there compared to Perth .

We even went to one of Geroge Calombaris (Judge from Master Chef Australia ) restaurants the Hellenic Republic for breakfast and would have to say it would have been one of the best breakfasts I had had in a long time .

Also went to a couple of restaurants in China town for dinner a few times one of them was the Longgrain Restaurant which is a modern Thia restaurant . The food there was amazing with lots of fresh herbs and spices used , the cocktails were also great .

One one of the days I took the tram down to St Kilda to try and get some shots of the old St Kilda Peir at sunset , there was a lot of grey over cast clouds hanging around that day and the weather was bloody freezing with wind . But I rugged up and though I would stick it out till for the sunset hoping there might be a break in the clouds to get some color in the sky unfortunately it just went from light to grey to dark , disappointed I started ¬†head back into St Kilda to get something to eat and choose the elbowroom¬† must say the service there was exceptional ordered there house special of beef fajitas and would defiantly be eating there again next time I’m over there . ¬†Perth restaurants could really learn a lot from Melbourne the food and service was just blew Perth standards away . Now will just have to work off all that food now I’m back in WA , hopefully heading down to Pemberton shortly so will defiantly work the food off will all the hiking down there .

The top image I took is of the Melbourne skyline just before sunrise on the first day I was there . Probably the best light I had all trip and it didn’t rain that day either . Was an 8 image stitch taken from near the Crown Casino .

I also noticed at night time they have these huge gas flames that come out along the river bank of Melbourne was amazed at they really did these fireball shows every night on the hour as must be a huge waste of gas . As we were staying right next to the Crown Casino decide to go down and get a few shots of these monstor fireballs going off . The below image was a 8 image stitch again taken around 10 pm .


Esperance Sunrise

13 07 2009


Had some free time last night and managed to stitch another image from my trip to the South West of Western Australia recently .

This shot was taken at sunrise in¬†Twilite Cove at¬†Esperance¬†, got some really intense colors at the sunrise that morning but they didn’t hang around for long . Found it quite difficult shooting Twilite Cove that morning just with the position of the sunrise to the cove , Also found it hard to hold back the sky with my cheap cokin filters had stacked 2 on and didn’t want to stack any more due to color cast problems , wont be having that problem as my Lees filters arrived a few weeks back now just waiting on my Stinghray filters to arrive . The red channel was also easy to blow out shooting under these conditions .

Was origningally a Ten image stitch but croped it down to about 8 images . Would love to be back down in Esperance the coast line is amazing , hopefully will be able to head back down for a few days before the end of the year .

Bluff Knoll

7 07 2009


Sorry been a bit quite on the blogs for the last few weeks been pretty sick with the cold and busy at work .

Plus I have also had computer troubles , ¬†motherboard has gone on my current PC , Guess its time for a new machine then one then and have just the one in mind , should be able to stitch and processes images in no time (intel 3.86 GHZ cpu , NVIDIA 1792MB GeForce graphics card , 12 gigs of DDR3 ram to name a few parts ūüôā ) .

Did manage to stitch and edit a shot tonight though on my laptop though . This shot was taken durring my visit to the Stirling Ranges this year . Was an 8 image stitch of Bluff Knoll at Sunrise . Really like the way the sunrise lights the mountain ranges hopefully head back out to the ranges to get some more photos soon .

Day Photographing at Esperance

1 06 2009


Sorry been a bit quite this last week been pretty sick with the cold (hope its not swine flu lol ) . 

Did manage to go through some more images from my recent trip down the South West of Western Australia last night .

Took a lot of day shots also while I was down there as my portfolio was lacking a bit of the bright blue sky with white sandy beach shots , and just love the color of the water at Esperance it is so blue .
A 8 image stitch of a Beach at Esperance cant remember which beach as shot so many that  .

South West Coast Line

16 05 2009


The South West Coast line has some amazing landscape , from rugged rocky waved crashed shores to peace full bays ( I think Perth got jibbed when it comes to coast line to photograph , when they settled Perth they were deffinatly were not thinking of use landscape photographers ) .  Could spend a whole year down South photographing ,  but for the short time I was down there I did make a good efferot to take as many photos as possible  . 

This is the first image I have had a chance to look at since getting back to Perth , Was a 3 image stitch taken on the 5D MKii with the 24-70mm lens at 50mm . Will hopefully have more time to sort through some more images over the next few weeks .

While I was down there I did find some nice location I will be deffinatly revisiting some time this year , for now I still have to go through the rest of the images from the trip which should keep me busy hopefully till the end of the year