Busselton Jetty

20 08 2012
Busselton Jetty Sunrise
A shot from earlier this year of sunrise down at Busselton Jetty .
Two exposure blend in photoshop using luminance masks.
Taken with the Canon 5DMKII and 24-70mm F/2.8L USM Lens and Lee soft Grad Filters .

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Busselton Jetty

27 06 2008

Just board at home so went through some old shots of mine . Been trying to find some I took of a sunset about a year ago but havent had any luck as of yet 😦 . Found this shot I took of the Jetty at Busselton . Was from when I went down to Dunsbrough for Christian Fletchers course about 2 months ago . Bit of a different angle from the others . Tried a few things out from Scott Kelbys photoshop book , liked the effect on the shot , and think it would look pretty good on Metallic print .

Might try and head out to for a shot tommorrow morning and mabye on Sunday as well . Been wanting to get some shots of the Martime Museam plus been wanting to head to some farming paddocks to get some shots with this great cloud cover about . If any one else is intreset let me know 🙂

In other news I ordered a Wacom tablet from the otherday just have to wait for it to arrive .


Busselton Jetty III

27 05 2008


Got my computer with CS3 working again , so been editing a few pictures .This was another shot I took while down South a few weeks ago of the Busselton Jetty .

This was taken toward the end of the sunset with a longer shutter speed . The sky is also a little less blowen out plus I didnt make the jetty buildings pop as much as Christian Fletcher recommend compared to the last shot .

It was originall at 14 image stitch , with the building to the left of the jetty included as I really liked the sky and it also included the end of the jetty , but I cropped it down a lot and probally only using 7 shots in this .

Im off to Melbourne this Friday for a few days , wont get a chance to go out of the city but while Im there as will have no car . But hopeing to get a few good shots of the city at sunset and sunrise .

Busselton Jetty II

19 05 2008


Just a Quick post , this was a quick edit of one of the shots I took of Busselton Jetty , There was some really good light at sunset , but just as it was starting to get really good the clouds had moved away from the jetty . Was a 10 Image stitch , was croped down a fair bit to suit the composition .


13 05 2008

   Still editing a lot of my pics from the weekend , got so many still just to stitch let alone edit .

On the way down to Dunsbrough I had to stop off at the Busselton Jetty to get a shot of it at Sunset as I have allways wanted to . Didnt relise until I got there (as hadnt been there since I was little) how much old pieces of jetties there were . The lighting was also great and had some nice cloud cover .

I edited this one while I was in Dunsbrough on my laptop it was a 6 image stitch .