13 02 2011

The South West and South East of Western Australia would be one of my favorite places to photograph . The variety of landscapes from rugged coast , peaceful bays , regional farms , rolling hills to Mountain ranges , vine yards , forest and many more . Would love to live down this area for a year just to take more photographs of the place its really amazing . I found this old image taken in 2009 at Sunrise in Esperance . Was one of the more difficult shots to take with the such exposure difference from each shot and the sky and ground , plus trying to get the water movement similar on each shot .

Image taken with Canon 5D MKII 24-70mm f2.8 USM L Lens and Lee Filters  .

7 image stitch
Focal Length : 70m

ISO : 50

F : 16

S : 1.6s


Cape Le Grande National Park

4 11 2009

Hi all ,

Sorry been a bit quite for the last few weeks have been flat out at work , have barley had any time to surf the net let alone get any new shots .

Hopefully by the end of this month things at work should turn to a bit more normal hours , and be able to get some more trips in . Have recently bough a few extra camping things for when i go away taking photos and should make life a bit more comfortable while Im away .

Did have some free time today before work to go through some more images this was an 8 image stitch of one of the Bays at Cape Le Grande National Park just outside Epserance .

The Beach’s here are meant to be have the whitest sand and bluest water of any beach , from my experience of beach this would have to be true .



Esperance Sunrise

13 07 2009


Had some free time last night and managed to stitch another image from my trip to the South West of Western Australia recently .

This shot was taken at sunrise in Twilite Cove at Esperance , got some really intense colors at the sunrise that morning but they didn’t hang around for long . Found it quite difficult shooting Twilite Cove that morning just with the position of the sunrise to the cove , Also found it hard to hold back the sky with my cheap cokin filters had stacked 2 on and didn’t want to stack any more due to color cast problems , wont be having that problem as my Lees filters arrived a few weeks back now just waiting on my Stinghray filters to arrive . The red channel was also easy to blow out shooting under these conditions .

Was origningally a Ten image stitch but croped it down to about 8 images . Would love to be back down in Esperance the coast line is amazing , hopefully will be able to head back down for a few days before the end of the year .

Cape Le Grand National Park

10 06 2009


Cape Le Grand National Park in the South West of Western Australia would have to be a photographers dream . It has some amazing beachs and coves scatered around the place and also some really interesting rock formations including French mans Peak . Unfortantly while I was down there the light and clouds werent playing nice and didnt get a chance to photograph French Man Peack as I was intending to . This was the only piont of view shot i got of French Man Peack from the top of one of the Coves in the National Park at Sunrise , I guess there all ways next time 🙂

Was a 12 image stitch with the 5 D mark II the detail and size were amazing .

Albanys Natural Bridge

8 06 2009


Been feeling better from the flu so found some time to stitch another photo together from my trip down the South West of Western Australia . Most people who live in WA will know this spot . Its the Natural Bridge in Albany , a huge granite rock face which the ocean has carved out a bridge over many years . Pretty dangerous place to photography after sunset with the massive waves crashing against the rocks . Defiantly would like to revisit Albany this year have found some other locations around Albany I would like to photograph .

Was another 8 image stitch taken on the 5D MKII . Hopefully have a few more shots posted this week .

Day Photographing at Esperance

1 06 2009


Sorry been a bit quite this last week been pretty sick with the cold (hope its not swine flu lol ) . 

Did manage to go through some more images from my recent trip down the South West of Western Australia last night .

Took a lot of day shots also while I was down there as my portfolio was lacking a bit of the bright blue sky with white sandy beach shots , and just love the color of the water at Esperance it is so blue .
A 8 image stitch of a Beach at Esperance cant remember which beach as shot so many that  .