Bennion Bay

4 04 2008


Meet Dylan Fox this afternoon for shoot  , With the great clouds around we headed to Bennion Bay . The weather wasnt great and got a bit of rain while we where there .

This first a shot is a 3 layer exposure . The clouds and limestone looked great together and was really happy i got some movment in the water .


The next shot I edited was the biggest file I have ever worked on . It was a 6 shot 16bitt stitch . I then created 3 seprate layers in photoshop for editing the Sky , water and rock . The layered Tiff file came to 800mb and gave my computer a really good work out . Quite happy with the result and the resolution was great . In photoshop when zoomed in you could still easily read the details on the sign in the far cliff .

The weather should be good for photography for the next few days so will probally try and head out over the weekend again

Trigg Beach

28 03 2008


This was another shot from the other afternoon down just north of Trigg Beach of Western Australia.

It was almost dark when I took this shot but there was still a bit of light coming throught the sky .  

This was a 2 image stitch with 2 exposures for each shot , One for the sky and one for the land and water . I stitched the images in PTGui .

 I used the Layer Function in Photoshop to blend the different exposures of each shot .

I probally could have made it a bigger stitch but was worried about the fading light as the shutter timings of each shot where quite long .

Also experimenting with boarders .

3rd and 4th Image From the Sunset

25 03 2008


This is the 3rd Image I have processed from yesterday .

So far this one is my favourite .

Again I used the layer function in PS to create multiplue layers with different exposures .

I have found this method yeilds a far better quality image with a Hi Dynamic Range then any of the HDR programs (eg. photomatix pro etc) out there .

I only had wished there was a bit more movment in the water to pull the viewer in  instead of it being so washed out .


This is the 4th Image I have processed from Yesterday . Was really happy how the sky turned out . The only things I could have improved was to set my exposure brackets further apart as had to increase the RAW exposure of the ramp as it was a bit to dark which degraded the image slighly.

2nd Shot form Yesterday afternoon

24 03 2008


This another shot I took at Sunset yesterday . Liked the colors in this shot , felt composition could have been better .

Only wished I had a wide angle lens .

Well Im upgrading my kit soon , I currently shot with a Cannon EOS 400D and standard Kit lens . I was looking at getting a new wide angle , prim lens and a telphoto zoom . The wide angle lens i was thinking of getting was the Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM

The prim lens I was thinking was Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM as I have heard the quality of prim lens are a lot better .

And i didnt have any idea on what Telephoto Zoom lens to get , was looking at spending around $1000 on it . I was also looking at upgrading my camera next year to a Canon 40 D . Any suggestions and advise would be great .

I have also found this website which I have found has the best prices for gear , I know a few people who have ordered from them and said they were fast and reliable

Sunset At the Beach

24 03 2008


After missing the last few sunset , I decided to head down to the beach after work .

I finished work at 18:00 so by the time I drove home to get my gear then drive north of the river to the beach , I just made it before the sunset .

 This was one of the shots i captured , It was actually 3 different expourse ,

One for the rocks , one for the water and one for the sky . I also used a Cokin ND filter on the sky to length the exposure time . Open all the images in photoshop again and created different layers for each then earsed the parts of the images I didnt want .

After that curves , levels , sat ect were done . 

Yesterday Morning

19 03 2008

I decided to get up early yesterday morning after I missed the amazing sunrise the following afternoon.Head down to the swan river fore shore in Attadale. Was really still morning on the fore shore and managed to snap a few pics off before I realized my camera battery was flat. I had forgot to turn the power on when I put it in to charge the night before.

I still managed to get this shot off.

Even though the water was really carm, it was still quite dark so I was using longer shutter speed. With the longer shutter speed, the boats were slightly blurred from the movement. So I took another shot with slower speed to capture a fairly sharp image of the boats.

In photo shop I opened the first shot I took of the landscape with blurred boats, I then made a new layer with the second shot I took of the boats. I used a light eraser to erase the entire top image except the boats. Which left me with a correct exposure on the landscape and still sharp boats in the image.

I had to dodge the boats a bit in photoshop to bring up the exposure of them, so they weren’t so dark. Also edited curves, levels, sat and contrast. Was quite happy with the end result.