South Lake Tahoe

20 06 2010

Lake Tahoe was my 6th stop durring my visit to the US . I had hired a car and driven from Las Vegas to Yosemite then to Lake Tahoe . Its amazing how much the scenery and weather conditions can change in America compared to Australia . Durring the 8 hour drive from Las Vegas which was a hot dessert with cactus and shrub plants to cold Mountains with pine trees , river , giant granite rocks and snowing .

Lake Tahoe is a largest freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains of the United States . It is located along the border between California and Nevada, west of Carson City, Nevada . This would have to be one of my all time favorite locations to photograph and also visit  .

The above photograph is a 8 image stitch of Emerald Bay which is a short drive from Lake Tahoe town . You have to drive along windy roads along cliffs to get here and one part got step long drops on both sides which is quite scary  .

One thing you notice about Lake Tahoe is just how thin the air is up here , after running around the cliff and hills taking photos carrying my  camera bag and tripod I came out of breath a several times even though being young and pretty fit I guess you would climates to the thin air the longer you stay here .  It was also cold , I had thermals , plus jumpers and two jackets beanies and gloves on and it was freezing what made it worst was the wind up top . I would hate to see how cold it could get during winter .

Below is a single image of the Lake just before sunrise .

I only got to spend two nights here during my trip to the USA but it is defiantly on my list of places to return to .


Lake Tahoe

12 06 2010

I’m back from my 6 week trip around America . Have to say its a pretty amazing place and so much variety with different landscapes to photograph .

Had a great time over there , really is an amzing place to photograph and also eat and shop so much variety with every thing compared to Perth .

Came back with around 350 gigs of RAW images from the trip . Will defiantly be planning on going back to some of these locations in the near future .

One of the places I visited was Lake Tahoe , this would be one of my favorite towns and locations during the trip . It was really tranquil and landscape was amazing . Also have to say that you really notice the thinner air up there when your climbing back up hills with your back pack and tripod .

This was an Sunrise shot of Over looking the Lake , It was really cold this morning and had to work between light showers of snow that morning .

Will have a lot more images coming over the next weeks .