15 03 2012

Singapore –

Well I’m back from my recent short trip to Singapore . I have to say Singapore is a lovely , clean city with so much in amazing architecture . We actually stayed in one of the unique buildings during our 4 night stop , which was the Marina Bay Sands . This building is billed as the world’s most expensive standalone casino property , valued at $8 billion, including cost of the prime land . The actual hotel building is three separate towers going up to 55 stories , with one of its main attractions on the top of the building the Sky Park which is oddly enough looks like a ship on the top of the three towers . The Skypark feature some of the most breath taking views of the Singapore skyline and also features several restaurants , clubs , bars , spas , viewing platforms and its main attraction the infinity pool over looking the city. The infinity pool is actually the largest elevated swimming pool in the world and is great way to cool down on the humid Singapore days .

Some of the other features of the property are  2,561 hotel rooms , a 1,300,000-square-foot convention-exhibition centre, the 800,000-square-foot shops” The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands mall “, a museum which is another unique building offering lots of photographic opportunities , two large theatres , seven “celebrity chef” restaurants, two floating Crystal Pavilions, an ice skating rink, and the world’s largest atrium casino plus they put on the Southeast Asia largest lights and laser show every night . Over the stay at the Marina Bay sands was an unique and pleasant stay , besides the one little hiccup with electronic cards and the elevators . It also offers plenty of photographic opportunities of the Singapore city and buildings been a close walk around  .

Some of the other attractions we indulged in were a dinner on the Singapore High Flyer which is a   giant Ferris wheel which reaches 42 stories high, with a total height of 165 m (541 ft), making it the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world  . It has some amazing views from the top of the ride during sunset and night . Sentosa Island which feature amusement parks like Universal Studios and various restaurants , shops , golf courses , shows , and other attractions . We also went sight seeing through Singapore and Visited China Town and Little India . The food over in Singapore is some of the best in the world and we enjoyed several tasty dinners . One of the highlight restaurants was Sabai fine thai on the bay . Went shopping in Orchard Road which has something like 40 odd huge shopping centres , we spent half a day there and only went through 4 of them and got lost several times .

Overall we both had an enjoyable time in Singapore and found the city to be tourist friendly , easier to navigate with the train system and has many unique photographic opportunities with the interesting buildings and skyline . Would have like to spend longer and seen a few more sights and travelled out of the city a bit more however .

With photography news I managed to get a lot of shots in Singapore will have several more coming soon . I been busy with my photography as well been back website is just about ready to launch , dont forget to follow me on face book for a chance to win a 45″ limited edition Fuji Flex print at . I also have several photographic bookings made a couple commercial for magazines and a few weddings coming up . Looks like 2012 is going to be an even bigger year for Kirk Hille Photography .

All Images were taken with the Canon 5D MKII and 24-70 F2.8 USM L Lens and Lee soft Grad Filters

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Thunder Storm

3 03 2009


Well I been back in Perth now for almost a week and got to say the light has been great here compaired to my week over in Sydney . Bit of a disapiotment about the light over in NSW , but I’v made up for it the last few days in Perth 🙂 got a lot of photos to go through .

One thing I have all ways wanted to photography but had not had the chance so far is lighting . I finally got my chance there other day standing in a paddock and watching the thunderstorm role in snapped of a few single long expsorues on the mark II at a mid range ISO  . I lost my wirless remote while shoting this day so I was having to to bulb exposures holding the shutter open on the camera . Got a few shot with lighting streaks in them it was a bit far away in the distance but will have to do for now until the next thunderstorm .  This shot probally had the best lighting streaks in it out of the lot .

Milky Way

20 10 2008


Well every one else beat me to uploading there shots first o well . I guess they hadnet been working since 4am this morning and after the busy weekend shoting i need to catch up on some sleep 🙂 .

Heres one of my takes on the little night experiment photograph sesion Christian , Neal , Jamie had the other night at Contos . Was a great night watching the stars and having a few beverages plus rattling off a few shots in between . Was the first time I have tried any star trails but was quite impressed by my first go and the results of the 400d even at high ISO gave some half decent images . As Christian said when the 5D Mark II comes out i dont think an ISO of 800 will be considered high and would pull out some ripper night shots .

Still got a lot of shots from that night havent gone through yet let alone the weekend .

Noble Not Nodal

14 07 2008

After yesterdays post I reliased that this place was actual called Noble not Nodal Falls lol . Must have had Nodal Ninjas on my mind last night . This was a six image stitch of the river still got a heap of shots to go through from the weekend .



Bennion Bay

4 04 2008


Meet Dylan Fox this afternoon for shoot  , With the great clouds around we headed to Bennion Bay . The weather wasnt great and got a bit of rain while we where there .

This first a shot is a 3 layer exposure . The clouds and limestone looked great together and was really happy i got some movment in the water .


The next shot I edited was the biggest file I have ever worked on . It was a 6 shot 16bitt stitch . I then created 3 seprate layers in photoshop for editing the Sky , water and rock . The layered Tiff file came to 800mb and gave my computer a really good work out . Quite happy with the result and the resolution was great . In photoshop when zoomed in you could still easily read the details on the sign in the far cliff .

The weather should be good for photography for the next few days so will probally try and head out over the weekend again

Trigg Beach

28 03 2008


This was another shot from the other afternoon down just north of Trigg Beach of Western Australia.

It was almost dark when I took this shot but there was still a bit of light coming throught the sky .  

This was a 2 image stitch with 2 exposures for each shot , One for the sky and one for the land and water . I stitched the images in PTGui .

 I used the Layer Function in Photoshop to blend the different exposures of each shot .

I probally could have made it a bigger stitch but was worried about the fading light as the shutter timings of each shot where quite long .

Also experimenting with boarders .

2nd Shot form Yesterday afternoon

24 03 2008


This another shot I took at Sunset yesterday . Liked the colors in this shot , felt composition could have been better .

Only wished I had a wide angle lens .

Well Im upgrading my kit soon , I currently shot with a Cannon EOS 400D and standard Kit lens . I was looking at getting a new wide angle , prim lens and a telphoto zoom . The wide angle lens i was thinking of getting was the Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM

The prim lens I was thinking was Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM as I have heard the quality of prim lens are a lot better .

And i didnt have any idea on what Telephoto Zoom lens to get , was looking at spending around $1000 on it . I was also looking at upgrading my camera next year to a Canon 40 D . Any suggestions and advise would be great .

I have also found this website which I have found has the best prices for gear , I know a few people who have ordered from them and said they were fast and reliable