Esperance Sunrise

13 07 2009


Had some free time last night and managed to stitch another image from my trip to the South West of Western Australia recently .

This shot was taken at sunrise in Twilite Cove at Esperance , got some really intense colors at the sunrise that morning but they didn’t hang around for long . Found it quite difficult shooting Twilite Cove that morning just with the position of the sunrise to the cove , Also found it hard to hold back the sky with my cheap cokin filters had stacked 2 on and didn’t want to stack any more due to color cast problems , wont be having that problem as my Lees filters arrived a few weeks back now just waiting on my Stinghray filters to arrive . The red channel was also easy to blow out shooting under these conditions .

Was origningally a Ten image stitch but croped it down to about 8 images . Would love to be back down in Esperance the coast line is amazing , hopefully will be able to head back down for a few days before the end of the year .


Cape Le Grand National Park

10 06 2009


Cape Le Grand National Park in the South West of Western Australia would have to be a photographers dream . It has some amazing beachs and coves scatered around the place and also some really interesting rock formations including French mans Peak . Unfortantly while I was down there the light and clouds werent playing nice and didnt get a chance to photograph French Man Peack as I was intending to . This was the only piont of view shot i got of French Man Peack from the top of one of the Coves in the National Park at Sunrise , I guess there all ways next time 🙂

Was a 12 image stitch with the 5 D mark II the detail and size were amazing .

South West Coast Line

16 05 2009


The South West Coast line has some amazing landscape , from rugged rocky waved crashed shores to peace full bays ( I think Perth got jibbed when it comes to coast line to photograph , when they settled Perth they were deffinatly were not thinking of use landscape photographers ) .  Could spend a whole year down South photographing ,  but for the short time I was down there I did make a good efferot to take as many photos as possible  . 

This is the first image I have had a chance to look at since getting back to Perth , Was a 3 image stitch taken on the 5D MKii with the 24-70mm lens at 50mm . Will hopefully have more time to sort through some more images over the next few weeks .

While I was down there I did find some nice location I will be deffinatly revisiting some time this year , for now I still have to go through the rest of the images from the trip which should keep me busy hopefully till the end of the year

Sydney Opera House

19 04 2009


Still going through my images from my Sydney trip this year .

 Went down to the Sydney Opera House a couple of times as it was close to where we were staying in the CBD and  The Sydney skyline and Opera House would have to be one of my favourite skylines to photography besides the Perth skyline  .  Would have to be one of my favourite cities in Australia as well  , If i did’nt live in Perth could easly live in either Sydney or the Gold Coast .

The light wasn’t great while I was over there  so I tried some long exposures at night time . Did get a lot of people (mainly tourists ) come up to me while I was photographing the Opera House either they were intrigued in why I was panning up or wanted to check out the 5D MKII ,  also got a lot of comments from teenagers walking past say stuff like the ” bombest camera ” lol

While I was over there probally took about 24 gigs worth of images , The light wasn’t great for the whole trip but still got a few images which I’m saving for the website launch . Did manage to scope out a few locations to return to next time I’m over that side of the country .

 This was a 3 image vertical stitch .

Waiting for the Wet Season

6 04 2009


After cleaning up some of my hard drives tonight, I’m really looking forward to the wet season this year. With the on come of the rain it does open up a lot of new photography opportunities around Perth plus can change the way a lot of the places look.

  There’s defiantly a few places close to Perth on my list to photograph again once we have had some decent down fall. Wasn’t quite happy with some of the images as they were taken when I first started out and have learnt a lot since then. One thing to remember it gets dark quickly in the winter months and to to remember to bring a good flash light so we can find our way back to the vehicles.

Not much other new news took some photos of my car yesterday for sales purposes first time tried photography like this and was quite pleased the results. I found it was time to sell my baby need a more practical car that can go down gravel roads without rattling the car to pieces and can carry all my photography gear. Been looking at the new Subaru Forrester XS premium, should have a decision made on the car by the end of the week 🙂 .

Have been saving a lot of my good images up also as will finalise plans for my website shortly and want to have a lot of new images for the launch. Will let everyone know a release date closer to time.

March too busy for Photography :(

22 03 2009

Sorry been a bit quite on the photography and internet side this month , been flat out at work and weekends have been busy with engament partys , bucks nights and weddings havent had any spare time to myself this month . The only time I managed to get my camera out was at the wedding to take a few potraite shots of the grooms men getting ready and of us in the H2 hummer .

I did go and edit some photos tonight though as was’nt to hung over from the wedding 🙂 Been saving a lot of my good images for the launch of my website so sorry  . Did find this image of the Perth Skyline I took near the start of the Feb when I was testing out my 5D Mkii . Got to say Perth and Sydney skylines would have to be my favourite sklines to photograph in Australia . Was a 8 image stitch .


 Also to answer a few question from other post the image that is currently on Channel nine news is this image of Perth Sunrise I took a while back now


They have droped a blue gradient through the sky to fit in with the news desk theme , but still a huge amount of exposure and publicity .



They stumbled accross my image on the internet and then track me down from there . Had a meeting with them at the start of the year and got a tour of channel 9 ,  and sorted out an agreement and when I got back from Sydney a few weeks ago say my image up on the TV already .

Will have some more new images soon 🙂 As no more wedding engament party’s etc 🙂

Back from Sydney any one watch Channel 9 News ?

26 02 2009


Well I’m back from Syndey had a nice little break over there even if it was only for a few days .

I have to say the NSW has some really impressive coast line to photograph probally some of the best in Australia .  The only down side to the trip was the weather 😦  , it was really werid weather will I was over there and light wasnt great as well . At sunrise it just went from dark to light gray no color , Still went out each day photographing even with a sprained ankle which I did walking down one of the step coast steps to the beach . 

Found some really great locations over there would like to revist under better light conditions . Hopefully will look at another trip towards the end of the year .

Also any watch channel 9 news this week ?