Sand Dunes

8 02 2009


I finally got my Mark II the other day and decieded to head up to some sand dunes with Neal and Jamie seeing as the light wasnt good yesterday . Got up there fairly early in the afternoon as we though we would have to try and find a location to set up . When we arrived it was blowing a gale and sand got every where , must have brough back half the dunes with me . Still stuck it out though and took a fair few shots .

Later on the at night we though we would try some star trails and night photography as the wind had died off and there was a full moon . Got a few shots would have liked to stay longer but had a long drive home and it was pretty late allready

Really please with the mark II so far image result are great and its really nice camera to use .

This was a 8 image stitch of the dunes at night , was a full moon and with the mark II made the most of it , came out at just under 2 meters .