City Beach Morning

29 03 2008


Decided to get up early to take some photo this morning . Didnt get any thing great but .

The one above is a only 2 stitched one of City Beach just durring the first bits of light coming into the sky .


This one was a 4 stitch job , Took this one as i was leaving still had the marks from the tripod wanted to see how much difference the lighting could make

Mauritius Jetty Sunset

14 03 2008

This was a 6 shot panorama I took while in Mauritius a few weeks ago .

Its of the paradise Cove Resorts Jetty at Sunset . Probally not one of the best shots I have taken was a bit rushed taking it and composition could have probally been better , but liked the colors in this shot .

There are a few little stitching mistakes in the shot as just I just used a normal cheap tripod with no pan head .

 Comments and critisim most welcome as still fairly new and learning