Sydney Opera House

19 04 2009


Still going through my images from my Sydney trip this year .

 Went down to the Sydney Opera House a couple of times as it was close to where we were staying in the CBD and  The Sydney skyline and Opera House would have to be one of my favourite skylines to photography besides the Perth skyline  .  Would have to be one of my favourite cities in Australia as well  , If i did’nt live in Perth could easly live in either Sydney or the Gold Coast .

The light wasn’t great while I was over there  so I tried some long exposures at night time . Did get a lot of people (mainly tourists ) come up to me while I was photographing the Opera House either they were intrigued in why I was panning up or wanted to check out the 5D MKII ,  also got a lot of comments from teenagers walking past say stuff like the ” bombest camera ” lol

While I was over there probally took about 24 gigs worth of images , The light wasn’t great for the whole trip but still got a few images which I’m saving for the website launch . Did manage to scope out a few locations to return to next time I’m over that side of the country .

 This was a 3 image vertical stitch .


April Slow Start To Photography

14 04 2009


Well April is half way through the month already and been a pretty slow month for photos again . There’s been some great light as well around the last few weeks but just cant get excited about any location close to Perth .
I guess it means some more trips in the near future , good thing I sold my car and just waiting on delivery of my new car . It more piratical for what i need now and will be better down them gravel strips .

Other news one of my images has been used for the new cover of the Skywest 2009 holiday broacher . Just pick up a copy of the Boucher the other day and the image turned out alright considering it was one of the first images i took back with my old 400D and shot in jpg as well .

I have also been cleaning up my hard drives and sorting file and deleting unwanted images . Found this 8 image stitch of Redgate Beach in Western Australia , Really love this beach for photography it gets some huge splashes from incoming waves .

Sand Dunes

8 02 2009


I finally got my Mark II the other day and decieded to head up to some sand dunes with Neal and Jamie seeing as the light wasnt good yesterday . Got up there fairly early in the afternoon as we though we would have to try and find a location to set up . When we arrived it was blowing a gale and sand got every where , must have brough back half the dunes with me . Still stuck it out though and took a fair few shots .

Later on the at night we though we would try some star trails and night photography as the wind had died off and there was a full moon . Got a few shots would have liked to stay longer but had a long drive home and it was pretty late allready

Really please with the mark II so far image result are great and its really nice camera to use .

This was a 8 image stitch of the dunes at night , was a full moon and with the mark II made the most of it , came out at just under 2 meters .


Hillarys Boat Ramp

30 01 2009


Went up to Hillarys on afternoon this week with Neal hoping to get some shots of the boats in the pens . To our suprise when we arrived all the boats have now had fencing errected around them and we couldnt get close to them with out going for a swim . The light was quite good so we had a look around to see what other points of view we could get , have to say they have really wrecked the photographic oppurtinites with that big ugly extension they have done at the other end of the docks , you used to be able to get quite a nice shot of the harbour a few years back  . I got this quick 4 image stitch just before the light faded .