March too busy for Photography :(

22 03 2009

Sorry been a bit quite on the photography and internet side this month , been flat out at work and weekends have been busy with engament partys , bucks nights and weddings havent had any spare time to myself this month . The only time I managed to get my camera out was at the wedding to take a few potraite shots of the grooms men getting ready and of us in the H2 hummer .

I did go and edit some photos tonight though as was’nt to hung over from the wedding ūüôā Been saving a lot of my good images for the launch of my website so sorry¬†¬†. Did find this image of the Perth Skyline I took near the start of the¬†Feb when I was testing out my 5D Mkii . Got to say Perth and Sydney skylines would have to be my favourite sklines to photograph in Australia . Was a¬†8¬†image stitch .


 Also to answer a few question from other post the image that is currently on Channel nine news is this image of Perth Sunrise I took a while back now


They have droped a blue gradient through the sky to fit in with the news desk theme , but still a huge amount of exposure and publicity .



They stumbled accross my image on the internet and then track me down from there . Had a meeting with them at the start of the year and got a tour of channel 9 ,  and sorted out an agreement and when I got back from Sydney a few weeks ago say my image up on the TV already .

Will¬†have some more new images soon ūüôā As no more wedding engament party’s etc ūüôā


Back from Sydney any one watch Channel 9 News ?

26 02 2009


Well I’m back from Syndey¬†had a nice little break over there even if it was only for a few days .

I have to say the NSW has some really impressive coast line to photograph¬†probally some of the best in Australia . ¬†The only down side to the trip was the weather¬†ūüė¶ ¬†, it was really werid weather will¬†I was over there and light wasnt great as well . At sunrise it just went from dark to light gray no color¬†, Still went out each day photographing even with a sprained ankle which¬†I did walking down one of the step coast steps to the beach .¬†

Found some really great locations over there would like to revist under better light conditions . Hopefully will look at another trip towards the end of the year .

Also any watch channel 9 news this week ?