Sydney Again and Pizza Night

7 11 2009

Went down to the Pizza night Mark from the True North so kindly held . Was good to put some faces to names from the Blog community and have a few drinks have to say they did a great job on the pizzas as well went back for seconds  . Thanks to Mark and Christian for organizing the night .

Christian and Mark also made an announcement that they would be organizing a photo tutorial day over at Rottnest Island on the true North ship , if any one else is intrested you can find the details here on Marks blog

Found some time to go through some more RAW files today , found this 9 image stitch taken recently of Sydney . This shot was taken the evening before the big dust storm hit Sydney .




Back From Sydney

25 09 2009

white-boarderWell just got back from Sydney early this morning , had a pretty engoyable time there and the weather was a lot nicer then Perth most the time it even reached 30 degress on day . I also found out that Tamarama bay is a lot further away from Coogee then I though after walking after sunset it with all my camera gear lol . I did finally make it to Coogee but and got a much need drink and feed .

I was all so over there durring the big dust storm , woke up early to the sound of sirens going and looked out the window of my appartment and the whole sky was bright orange . though there must have been a big fire close by at first , also nice to see the people getting use out all them face mask they would have bough for the swine flu that morning 🙂

This is one shot I took while I was over there really like the angle on this composition , would like to shot this one again under better light . This was a six image shot taken shortly after the lights turned on .

Back from Sydney any one watch Channel 9 News ?

26 02 2009


Well I’m back from Syndey had a nice little break over there even if it was only for a few days .

I have to say the NSW has some really impressive coast line to photograph probally some of the best in Australia .  The only down side to the trip was the weather 😦  , it was really werid weather will I was over there and light wasnt great as well . At sunrise it just went from dark to light gray no color , Still went out each day photographing even with a sprained ankle which I did walking down one of the step coast steps to the beach . 

Found some really great locations over there would like to revist under better light conditions . Hopefully will look at another trip towards the end of the year .

Also any watch channel 9 news this week ?


4 11 2008


Well I havent really gone through many of my shots from Sydney yet lol 🙂 Had some free time the other night so I though I would have a look through them only got through the first stitched image but . Would have to say out of all Australias city skylines I would say Perth and Sydney would have to be the best to photograph . Durring my visit the light wasnt great but and had to make the best of what I had  , hopefully it will be better when I head back over in a few months 🙂

This was a 10 image stitch of the skyline in Sydney . Have to say this probally isnt the best compositions out of all the shots of the skyline i got but this set of shots probally had the best light .


28 08 2008

This shot is my first stitched image from my trip to Sydney . Got up early this morning and walked down to the beach at 530 . Was suprised at how many people were allready up at this time on the beach . Normally in Perth the beach would be dead at this time . The morning was quite cold but managed to rug up enough . Took a few shots around the beach and at different rock pools , was suprised that people were actually swimming in the cold water before 6am .

Found this location and climbed out onto the rocks to get a few shots , got hit with a few splashes of water durring shotting , luckly none on the camera . This was a 6 image stitch .

Back From Sydney

27 08 2008

Well Just got back from Sydney last night , had a great time over there so much to photograph . I ended up staying another day as the first day we were ment to get over there we didnt as we were on stand by seats with virgin and they had cancelled a Melbourne flight so all the full paying custumors got moved onto the Sydney flight . We got on the next flight but didnt get there until after 10pm .

Stayed the first two days in the CBD , did a bit of shoping and sight seeing , plus took a few shots at morning and evening . The next day we hired a car and drove up to Avoca Beach for a friends wedding . Really liked Avoca beach nice coastal town . We stay at The Palms in Avoca which was a really nice accommodation . There was a lot to shot at Avoca and really loved there rocky coast line . Didnt get to shot that evening when we got there as we had the wedding recieption but it was right on  the beach at the surf club so got to watch it anyway .

Then head to Coogee and Bondi for a Day and stayed the last day in the CBD before heading back to Perth .

Thought i better upload something so this shot was a single shot of some of the rocks at Avoca , havent stitched any of my shots together yet , I just loved the texture to these rocks . The light wasnt great but still took a lot of shots over there about 20 gigs in 5 days 🙂 . will have more shots up durring the week