Busselton Jetty

27 06 2008

Just board at home so went through some old shots of mine . Been trying to find some I took of a sunset about a year ago but havent had any luck as of yet 😦 . Found this shot I took of the Jetty at Busselton . Was from when I went down to Dunsbrough for Christian Fletchers course about 2 months ago . Bit of a different angle from the others . Tried a few things out from Scott Kelbys photoshop book , liked the effect on the shot , and think it would look pretty good on Metallic print .

Might try and head out to for a shot tommorrow morning and mabye on Sunday as well . Been wanting to get some shots of the Martime Museam plus been wanting to head to some farming paddocks to get some shots with this great cloud cover about . If any one else is intreset let me know 🙂

In other news I ordered a Wacom tablet from the otherday just have to wait for it to arrive .



South Perth

22 04 2008


Havent Been out photographing much for the last few days as been busy at work and missed some really great weather and lighting .
Was just going throught some old shots tonight and found this one I never got a round to stitching up . It is a 4 stitch panorama of the South Perth Fore Shore at Sunset , took this one last year in June . Well have 3 days off work now so hopefully will get out some more to shoot . Have to take a drive about to find some good locations might try and find some paddocks and fields just out of Perth .

In other news will finally be able to make it to one of Christians Courses , Have rostered my self off work for the 9th , 10th and 11th of May and booked accommodation . Planning to head down there either thursday afternoon or Friday morning . Planning to take some photos as well while im down there . Just have to scout out the location of the place I want to shoot and put them in my GPS so I dont get lost 🙂

I have also sold some of my work 🙂 I was showing one of my fellow co workers some of my photography the other day as he was purchasing his first DSLR and I was advising him of the type of camera I had and others on the market . The next day I came in to work and he had showen my photos to just about every on in the office and they where really impressed . Had a couple coworkers wanting to buy my and Matilda Bay Boat House and My Stormy Perth shot as prints . So going to head down to the printer tomorrow and get them printed up . To my suprise that afternoon I was called into the marketing managers office and they had just seen my photos as well and where intrested in purchasing some or hiring me to take photos of locations to use with advertising 🙂 They even mentioned I might be able to travel about on our net work to take shots of various locations we fly too . Just curious as this is my first real sales , how much to people out there normally markup there prints ? And what price to people put on the shots for use as stock images for advertising ?

Bennion Bay II

20 04 2008

Went back to Bennion Bay early the other morning to try out my new Canon 50mm F/1.4 Lens . The light wasnt the best so I tried some long exposures by Stacking my Cokin P filters ,  I had heard of getting color cast before but had never had it happen . This shot was a 4 image stitch just after the sun had come over the horizon the clouds did have a pinky color , but When I look at the LCD screen after taking the shot the color cast was really noticable in the Sky . 

Havent had time to scope out any new shooting locations as have been busy with work , but have 3 days off coming up so will try to take a drive about to find some new locations . Hopefully there will still be some good lighting and clouds about .

I have also ordered my Nodal Ninja Panorama head , It siad they should be instock by end of April , by the time it arrives here from the states I should have my new tripod as well 🙂

Matilda Bay Boat House

12 04 2008

Probally one of the most photographed boat house in Western Australia  ,this shot of the Boat House in Matilda Day was from a few days ago at sunset (Finally got around to stitching it ). Durring that day I had to wait for 2 groups of Wedding photographers to finish up photographing there .

Was a 6 image stitch , with 3 layes , played around with the red channel mixer a bit to bring a bit more color into the image . I think the image could probally still use a few tweaks .