Redgate Sunset

28 01 2009


Just going through some old shots and found this one I took of Redgate Beach at Sunset .  Was taken last time I was in Dunsbrough with Jamie and Neil we had decided to head to Redgate to shot one afternoon . When we arrived it was really dark and overcast but decied to stick around for a while hopeing for a break in the clouds . About 10 mins later it started raining heavy , we ducked for shelter we we could find it and decied to wait it out a bit more . Just before the sunset we got a break in the rain and the clouds lifted a bit to give us a short time to shot some shots .


Quinns Beach

15 01 2009


Yesterday was the first time I had been out photographing since last year , feels good to get the cobwebs of the camera and get back out shoting after the Christmas break .

First decent bit of cloud we had had for a while so head up to North of Perth and meet up Neal and Jamie .

Conditions werent great and it was blowing a gale plus the clouds were quickly moving inland . Still managed to get a few single image shots with the little window of light we had .

Deffinatly need some new locations to photography find locations to shot in Perth is becoming hard and harder .

Hopefully will have a few more photography trips this year .

Castle Rock Bay II

15 09 2008


Well this weekend gone was a pretty dull weekend for new photos. Meet up with Jamie Saturday morning hoping to get some shots of Costello , but it was pretty bad conditions for photographing , the wind was blowing a gale and there were various showers about plus the beach was been pounded by the surf . So we diced to pack it in and try again for another time. Kept a close watch on the light and weather for the rest of the weekend but looked pretty grey and not much nice light by the looks. Hope you guys down south had better luck.

I’m still going through all my RAW images at the moment and having a relook at photos I may have gone over before. This one was again at Castle Rock Bay in Dunsbrough. Took this one the following day of Christian Fletchers course. Was an 8 image stitch.


28 08 2008

This shot is my first stitched image from my trip to Sydney . Got up early this morning and walked down to the beach at 530 . Was suprised at how many people were allready up at this time on the beach . Normally in Perth the beach would be dead at this time . The morning was quite cold but managed to rug up enough . Took a few shots around the beach and at different rock pools , was suprised that people were actually swimming in the cold water before 6am .

Found this location and climbed out onto the rocks to get a few shots , got hit with a few splashes of water durring shotting , luckly none on the camera . This was a 6 image stitch .

Back From Sydney

27 08 2008

Well Just got back from Sydney last night , had a great time over there so much to photograph . I ended up staying another day as the first day we were ment to get over there we didnt as we were on stand by seats with virgin and they had cancelled a Melbourne flight so all the full paying custumors got moved onto the Sydney flight . We got on the next flight but didnt get there until after 10pm .

Stayed the first two days in the CBD , did a bit of shoping and sight seeing , plus took a few shots at morning and evening . The next day we hired a car and drove up to Avoca Beach for a friends wedding . Really liked Avoca beach nice coastal town . We stay at The Palms in Avoca which was a really nice accommodation . There was a lot to shot at Avoca and really loved there rocky coast line . Didnt get to shot that evening when we got there as we had the wedding recieption but it was right on  the beach at the surf club so got to watch it anyway .

Then head to Coogee and Bondi for a Day and stayed the last day in the CBD before heading back to Perth .

Thought i better upload something so this shot was a single shot of some of the rocks at Avoca , havent stitched any of my shots together yet , I just loved the texture to these rocks . The light wasnt great but still took a lot of shots over there about 20 gigs in 5 days 🙂 . will have more shots up durring the week

Swan River Boat Club

8 04 2008


Took this photo the otherday while I was waiting for the wedding photographers to leave the other spots .

I cant rember what this location is called but its up by the uni on the Swan River in Western Australia .

Still unsure about this shot , I think the composition could be better and would have been great if there was a boat up closer to draw attention to .Still like the sky so I decided to post it any way . Was a 8image stitch with 2 layers . Still editing the ones from yesterday afternoon will have them posted soon .

Bennion Bay

4 04 2008


Meet Dylan Fox this afternoon for shoot  , With the great clouds around we headed to Bennion Bay . The weather wasnt great and got a bit of rain while we where there .

This first a shot is a 3 layer exposure . The clouds and limestone looked great together and was really happy i got some movment in the water .


The next shot I edited was the biggest file I have ever worked on . It was a 6 shot 16bitt stitch . I then created 3 seprate layers in photoshop for editing the Sky , water and rock . The layered Tiff file came to 800mb and gave my computer a really good work out . Quite happy with the result and the resolution was great . In photoshop when zoomed in you could still easily read the details on the sign in the far cliff .

The weather should be good for photography for the next few days so will probally try and head out over the weekend again