Sugarloaf Rock

11 02 2010

Sugarloaf Rock , Western Australia

One of the most photographed seascapes in Western Australia, is Sugarloaf Rock which is located in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.

This impressive rock formation dominates the coastline near Cape Naturaliste , and not hard to see why its one of my favorite locations to photograph while I’m down South .

This was a 13 image stitch a little wider then the normal 3:1 ratio but will crop it down later ,

Still chasing that perfect photo of this location


Esperance Sunrise

13 07 2009


Had some free time last night and managed to stitch another image from my trip to the South West of Western Australia recently .

This shot was taken at sunrise in Twilite Cove at Esperance , got some really intense colors at the sunrise that morning but they didn’t hang around for long . Found it quite difficult shooting Twilite Cove that morning just with the position of the sunrise to the cove , Also found it hard to hold back the sky with my cheap cokin filters had stacked 2 on and didn’t want to stack any more due to color cast problems , wont be having that problem as my Lees filters arrived a few weeks back now just waiting on my Stinghray filters to arrive . The red channel was also easy to blow out shooting under these conditions .

Was origningally a Ten image stitch but croped it down to about 8 images . Would love to be back down in Esperance the coast line is amazing , hopefully will be able to head back down for a few days before the end of the year .

South West Coast Line

16 05 2009


The South West Coast line has some amazing landscape , from rugged rocky waved crashed shores to peace full bays ( I think Perth got jibbed when it comes to coast line to photograph , when they settled Perth they were deffinatly were not thinking of use landscape photographers ) .  Could spend a whole year down South photographing ,  but for the short time I was down there I did make a good efferot to take as many photos as possible  . 

This is the first image I have had a chance to look at since getting back to Perth , Was a 3 image stitch taken on the 5D MKii with the 24-70mm lens at 50mm . Will hopefully have more time to sort through some more images over the next few weeks .

While I was down there I did find some nice location I will be deffinatly revisiting some time this year , for now I still have to go through the rest of the images from the trip which should keep me busy hopefully till the end of the year

Honey Comb

2 12 2008




Another shot from the last Dunsbrough trip a few weeks back now . Still got so many images sitting on my hard drives i havent even looked at yet , dont know how people find the time to go through all there shots . Was a 3 image vertical stitch , would love to reshoot this beach under better conditions .

South West

25 11 2008


This was a image taken at the oposite end to the previous image of the South West Coast line , durring the trip down there a few weekends ago . This location had lots of potential just a pitty about the conditions and light that weekend . Was a 8 image stitch

Sunrise Sugar Loaf

20 11 2008


This is the first image of Sugar Loaf I have looked at from the last trip down South to Dunsbrough . This would have to be one of my favourite locations to photograph in Dunsbrough and would be a must stop place for me to shot , just waiting for them to finish the road work off (council workers are deffinatly taking there time ) but I think this spot is worth the walk . Was an 8 image panorama stitch .

South West Coast Line

12 11 2008


Well just got back from Down South photography trip last Sunday . The light wasnt great this time down there (Dont know if Clint was down there as well ;))

Also got rained on a few times but Neal , Jamie and myself still made the most of it , shooting every morning and evening . All those early morning shore do take a toll on me deffinatly due for a sleep in next weekend . While we down there phographing Sugar Loaf we also ran into Luke .

This was one of the shots I got while down there , was a 9 image stitch , Can’t renember the name of this beach but just loved the coast line along here . It wasnt the best afternoon for photographing as we had to keep cleaning the filters from all the salt spray , plus the sky was fairly dark and moody and got pretty much no breaks in the clouds at sunset .