South West Beaches

8 02 2010

As summer is getting close to finishing I though would share a few quick summery images .

Got to love the color of the water down the south west of Western Australia.

The top image was a six image stitch of a yacht anchored off Meelup Beach just outside of Dunsbrough .

The bottom image is a 3 image vertical stitch of the crystal clear waters at Yallingup .


March too busy for Photography :(

22 03 2009

Sorry been a bit quite on the photography and internet side this month , been flat out at work and weekends have been busy with engament partys , bucks nights and weddings havent had any spare time to myself this month . The only time I managed to get my camera out was at the wedding to take a few potraite shots of the grooms men getting ready and of us in the H2 hummer .

I did go and edit some photos tonight though as was’nt to hung over from the wedding 🙂 Been saving a lot of my good images for the launch of my website so sorry  . Did find this image of the Perth Skyline I took near the start of the Feb when I was testing out my 5D Mkii . Got to say Perth and Sydney skylines would have to be my favourite sklines to photograph in Australia . Was a 8 image stitch .


 Also to answer a few question from other post the image that is currently on Channel nine news is this image of Perth Sunrise I took a while back now


They have droped a blue gradient through the sky to fit in with the news desk theme , but still a huge amount of exposure and publicity .



They stumbled accross my image on the internet and then track me down from there . Had a meeting with them at the start of the year and got a tour of channel 9 ,  and sorted out an agreement and when I got back from Sydney a few weeks ago say my image up on the TV already .

Will have some more new images soon 🙂 As no more wedding engament party’s etc 🙂

Back from Sydney any one watch Channel 9 News ?

26 02 2009


Well I’m back from Syndey had a nice little break over there even if it was only for a few days .

I have to say the NSW has some really impressive coast line to photograph probally some of the best in Australia .  The only down side to the trip was the weather 😦  , it was really werid weather will I was over there and light wasnt great as well . At sunrise it just went from dark to light gray no color , Still went out each day photographing even with a sprained ankle which I did walking down one of the step coast steps to the beach . 

Found some really great locations over there would like to revist under better light conditions . Hopefully will look at another trip towards the end of the year .

Also any watch channel 9 news this week ?

Honey Comb II

9 12 2008


Havent really been shooting latley with the festive season in us , things just seem to get that busy around this time of the year . Just went through some old shots here is another pano of Honey Comb Beach in WA . Was a 10 image stitch , came out at a 4:1 ratio instead of the 3:1 wasnt to sure to crop it or not . Hopefully will be able to get out and take some more shots soon .

Cottesloe Sunrise

16 11 2008


Well over this weekend we have had some great sunsets compared to the last few months worth . So ended up heading down to Cottesloe Beach early this morning . Have been wanting to reshoot the Cottesloe for some time now but never got around to it , wanted the cliche shot of the Indian Tea house over looking the Cottesloe Beach .

Tried a few different angles for compositions from up on top of the rocks but still think the composition could be improved a bit . Was an 8 image stitch .


18 08 2008

 Went to Rottnest for the weekend, what an amazing place to photograph. Caught the ferry across after work on Friday, only wished I had caught the early ferry as there was a great sunset on Friday evening which I missed as it was dark as I got to Rottnest. Went there with a bunch of mates for the weekend, for a bit of a getaway. Still managed to get a few shots in while I was over there.

A bike is a must when you go over there, we all hired bikes on Saturday and went around the island. Scoped out some nice location for next time. I think a photo trip over there for a few days would be a go. There lots of locations to shot plus you would get fit from all the riding J . My legs where killing me on Sunday 🙂 from it all. I think about this time in the year is the best time to go to get shots while over there as you pretty much have the whole island to yourself and accommodation was fairly cheap plus the weather isn’t to bad .

This was a shot I took on Saturday evening at sunset. Was having a few drinks on the balcony with my friends when I started to see a bit of colour in the sky. (wasn’t expecting much as there wasn’t much clouds So I grabbed my gear and my bike and went down to the end of Longreach Bay not the easiest thing to do ride a bike with camera gear and a tripod after a couple of beers , but managed to make it in one piece. (I had scoped this location out several times before as my friend has a mooring right there and normally takes his boat over ever summer). I quickly set my tripod up and started taking a few shots before I missed the entire colour, but after a few shots I realised I had my app still set to F3 from taking photo of quokkas during the day . Will have to remember not to rush so much next time lol. I reset my camera settings and took a few more shots before the sun went down.

This was an 9 images stitch , it’s the first one I stitched together so far but I have got a lot more from that afternoon I’m still going through .

In other news I’m off to Sydney this Thursday, looking forward to getting some shots in while over there :). I’ll try and upload one more post before I go 🙂