14 02 2010


Located Short drive from Dunsbrough , Yallingup has some of best world renowned beaches and is a popular destination for surfers and tourist  .

This was a 10 image stitch show casing the crystal clear waters and white sands .


Waiting for the Wet Season

6 04 2009


After cleaning up some of my hard drives tonight, I’m really looking forward to the wet season this year. With the on come of the rain it does open up a lot of new photography opportunities around Perth plus can change the way a lot of the places look.

  There’s defiantly a few places close to Perth on my list to photograph again once we have had some decent down fall. Wasn’t quite happy with some of the images as they were taken when I first started out and have learnt a lot since then. One thing to remember it gets dark quickly in the winter months and to to remember to bring a good flash light so we can find our way back to the vehicles.

Not much other new news took some photos of my car yesterday for sales purposes first time tried photography like this and was quite pleased the results. I found it was time to sell my baby need a more practical car that can go down gravel roads without rattling the car to pieces and can carry all my photography gear. Been looking at the new Subaru Forrester XS premium, should have a decision made on the car by the end of the week 🙂 .

Have been saving a lot of my good images up also as will finalise plans for my website shortly and want to have a lot of new images for the launch. Will let everyone know a release date closer to time.

Matilda Bay Boats

1 02 2009


Went down to Matilda Bay one afternoon during the week , wanted to get some shots of the floating jetty down there but was full of kids ever where so tried some shot boats around place . The largest focal length lens I had with me was only 50mm so had to walk into the river up to my knees to get the boats to fill the frame enough . This was an 8 image stitch taken just before the sun had gone down .

Hillarys Boat Ramp

30 01 2009


Went up to Hillarys on afternoon this week with Neal hoping to get some shots of the boats in the pens . To our suprise when we arrived all the boats have now had fencing errected around them and we couldnt get close to them with out going for a swim . The light was quite good so we had a look around to see what other points of view we could get , have to say they have really wrecked the photographic oppurtinites with that big ugly extension they have done at the other end of the docks , you used to be able to get quite a nice shot of the harbour a few years back  . I got this quick 4 image stitch just before the light faded .

Matilda Bay Vertical

12 10 2008

After reading everyones post on the light here for the last month and a bit ,  wasn’t planning on taking any photos this weekend. But on Saturday morning woke up early and had a look outside there was some nice clouds in the sky so though we might be in for a nice sunrise seeing as they have been pretty dull lately. Hadn’t planned on heading anywhere but quickly decided to head somewhere close, I thought of Matilda Bay boat shed for a re shot. There was a fair bit of fog covering the swan river early that morning as I drove to the spot, but the sunrise was a disappointment again dull and flat with no colour. Did see a pod of dolphins swim past the boat shed but.
This was one of the shots I took, was playing around with long exposures a bit with the nice moving clouds. Was a 4 image vertical panorama.
Hope fully were in for killer sunrises and sunsets soon 🙂

Sunrise Perth edit II

14 06 2008

Finally finished this edit off of the first Sunrise of Perth from Kings Park I took about a year ago . Was a really amazing sunrise that monring and managed to get the three stops in (Perth Rowing Club and Old Swan Brewery ) So was a quite an eventfull morning .

All so this morning meet up with Neal (spool photography ) and Jamie and went for a shoot at East Perth .We got some shot off and hoepfully have one up tonight or tomorrow and a post about it .


Old Swan Brewery Edit II

12 06 2008

Went and redited another shot form about a year ago tonight . This one was of the Old Swan Brewery at Sunrise . This shot was taken shortly after the previous shot of the Perth Rowing Club . Its amazing how much the light and colors change within a 20 minutes . It was a 5 image stitch , . Been meaning to go the Swan Brwery one sunset and get some more shots of it .

I also have a shot from the same morning I took from Kings park of the sunrise I still want to redit . Hopefully might get it done sometime this weekend and post it . 🙂